2nd Jul 2001, 20:13

I too own a Camaro - 1994 2 door coupe, and intend to get a foreign car next. This is the second Chevrolet I've owned - bought both brand new, and both have been nothing but trouble from day one!

30th Aug 2001, 20:13

Don't listen to the guys knocking on foreign cars. They are just too proud to admit that domestic cars just suck. My father had an Olds. 88, which was a nightmare, and now he has a Buick Regal which has very little miles on it, but still somehow gives him trouble. Not as much as the Olds, but they are generally the same thing.

My cousin has a Taurus and that car is a disgrace.

I have a 93 Vtec Honda Prelude and I love it. It has 104,000 very hard miles on it and it's great. It has a 2.2 liter four and puts down 200 naturally asp. horses. Enough to kill all Mustangs except for the very last model GTs and up. It still manages to get 30mpg in the city.

My brother has a 1992 Accord. He beats the hell out of it and it still runs good. He slides it around like he is a stunt driver, takes it off road, he actually jumped a curb that's higher than the bumper on the car: Nothing but bumper damage. These cars are amazing. Don't listen to anybody, check out the real stats yourself.

15th Dec 2001, 11:19

As you add power to a car the chances of breaking something increase tremendously. If you purchase a 4 cyl foreign car with 160 hp it will probably last longer than a Camaro with 360 hp. Think about the amount of stress you put the car through when you are trying to put 360 to the ground.

Anyways my 94 Camaro has 360 HP and I haven't had any issues with the car except for a broken power windows switch. I think it was $15 to repair it. Other then that the car has been a joy to drive. It is extremely fast. Much faster than most of the foreign cars. Plus the T-Top come out. Don't buy a foreign car, they are no fun to drive. I used to work on cars for years and years and have never liked foreign cars. I have driven almost every car on the road before 1997 including Porsches, BMW's, Camaro's, Corvettes, etc. I have also driven a lot of used cars from lots. My preference is a muscle car from Chevy whether it is a Vette or a Camaro.

3rd Jan 2003, 12:34

I don't think you should go foreign, the domestic cars are much better, except for gas mileage. If you are not happy with a Camaro, then try a Mustang. They are better in my opinion.

31st Jan 2004, 13:07

My first car was a Camaro and I still drive it. And I have never regretted a second of it. Out of 15 Chevy's my family and relatives have owned only two have been bad. But they were used and were screwed up when they got them. I think it's more how you drive it and take care of it. All my friend drive little VW's, Mazda's, Toyoda's ect... Now those are disgaceful. They tell me it's just a part of life to fix cars. I say "Ya, if you drive those things."

14th Sep 2004, 07:12

I have a black 94 camaro.. and I'm in love with it.. I'm looking for a nice hood.. any suggestions..? the only trouble I've had with my camaro.. is the power windows.. the motors were bad and I also replaced the CAM SHAFT..

12th Oct 2004, 07:52

I just recently purchased a 1994 light purple Camero. It is beautiful. It has T-Tops and runs great. I keep hearing that from the years 1989-1999 were bad years for the making of the Camero's...Is this true? Can someone please give me some insight? I love the car to death. I have only had it a week and no problems yet! Thanks Christina.

22nd Feb 2006, 12:07

I have a 1994 camaro z28,and have had no problems with mine except for the waterpump in the last four years that I have owned the car. It has 155,000 miles on the engine and will still leave a ford mustang in the wind. I say try another one. GO CHEVY!

28th Apr 2006, 18:26

I too own a 94 Camero. it has 170,000+ miles on it. My mechanic is very impressed by the performance. He likes to borrow it when his 4x4 is broke. Would really like me to sell it to him. But my uncle gave it to me 4 years ago and I really like it. It is fast: (and is just now making an exhaust smell. My Question is... have any of you had the smell of gas, especially on hot days or after filling up? My mechanic said it is not unheard of with these cars. I have had the air condition replaced twice, but I do live in Texas and we have to use it 10 months out of a year.HA! and shocks 6 years ago or so while my uncle had it. If you know about the gas tank thing, please write sblak@nctv.com.

25th May 2007, 20:50

I have a 94 Z28 that I would not trade for any other car. The problem that I have is that the driver side power window does not come down. Before I get robbed by a mechanic, is it something simple to fix?