11th Feb 2003, 09:13

I'm sure if you put the same thing in that camaro that you did the Mustang, the Camaro would blow the doors off of the Camaro, oh and by the way since we are talking about who's faster, my Z-28 has left a 4.6L Cobra in the dust so I think that YOU should get your facts straight first.

30th Nov 2003, 01:32

I Read in a motor trend where a stock 98 SS took a stage 3 Rousch to school in the quarter. whats up with that pony man? I also heard a survey somewhere revealed the mustang was the car of choice for women and young girls.

31st Jul 2004, 15:03

I'm a female who loved Mustangs, until I drove a Camaro. now I love my z28. and I respect the Mustang, but I'll never go back now!

3rd Aug 2004, 12:09

I would like to say that as a proud owner of a 1995 Z28 and the mother of 3 teens, we have enjoyed beating mustangs over the years.. My Z has hands down whipped every mustang it has raced, even the 4.6.. :)

8th Aug 2004, 21:37

Mustangs are slow... they ought to compete with 3.4 camaros and then they might have a chance.

16th Aug 2004, 16:33

I just want to say I had a 94 z28 and camaros are junk yes they are fast... but they always are tearing up more money than their worth.

12th Sep 2004, 03:06

If you have to put 4 grand in to a car to beat a stock camaro you have some problems... now my storie I turned 18 on the 7th and got a 1993 camaro z28 for my b-day I raced a 2003 mustang gt at first I thought it would be a fair race. well I was wrong I was mistaken and made him look like a fool in front of his girl. so bro if you read this sorry...

5th Aug 2005, 13:50

How much horse power does a 1993 z28 push. oh and whats faster the Lt1 stock or the Ls1 stock?

16th Sep 2005, 11:38

1993 LT1 is 275 HP and the LS1 is 310 HP at the end of production for the Camaro. I believe the SS version was 320 HP in 2002...

13th Mar 2006, 12:41

I have walked every mustang with my 95 LT1 M6 (Except 03-04 Cobra's) My buddy has a 91 GT with header, exhaust, K&N CAI, King Cobra Clutch, MSD Ignition, Perf Cam and a Chip. and I have walked him millions of time. They run outta breath at 3rd. oh yea, 98 and up LS1 SS doesn't do 14's...Musta been a bad driver or doesn't know how to properly drive an American Muscle. Sorry man truth hurtZ.

10th Dec 2008, 14:27

My Z28 had the following work done prior to 40kmi: resurfaced warped rotors, replaced serpentine belt, replaced waterpump.

I dumped it soon afterwards.

11th Apr 2009, 22:23

Story of every mustang guy, " I bought an old fox body for nothing and put 4 grand in the motor and it almost beat a 1993 3.4liter automatic running on 3 cylinders with 4 bald tires and nick nolte drunk behind the wheel"

27th May 2012, 06:49

Fact: In 1993 the Z28 Camaro was way cheaper, better looking, and waaaaay faster than a Mustang GT ever thought of being. Sounds like you haven't done your home work. Why do you think they brought it back?

27th May 2012, 16:29

As a Mustang owner, I have to agree that even the V-6 Camaros were faster than the 5.0 Foxes. I had a 5.0 Fox, and I test drove a box-stock V-6 Camaro that was just plain faster. I can only imagine what the V-8 Camaro would do. Until recently Ford has not been competitive with GM in the pony-car market. That has changed with the new 650 horsepower Mustang GT-500, but I suspect that GM will match or better even that soon. The horsepower fanatics will see to that. Although that kind of power is totally impractical, it is an ego thing.

21st Feb 2013, 01:33

You need to fact check Mustang guy. Look on YouTube for a video from Motortrend mag comparing the 1993 z28 versus the 1993 Mustang Cobra... and then put your car up versus a new Camaro ZL1; you will be many bus lengths behind my friend...