2nd Aug 2001, 15:17

I too, had a 1985 Z-28 and used to smoke Mustangs up to 95 model year. Any one who denies that is just a poor, blue oval fan who is in denial.

16th Sep 2001, 10:36

I have an 84 Z-28 and love to blow past mustangs, long live Chevy!

18th Jan 2002, 12:11

I bought an 84 Z-28 and just replaced the motor. The old one had over 300k miles or so. Even that old motor would still make people sick when it was put down. Now with this new touched up motor, other drivers are scared to be at lights with me, even a 91 pro-street Mustang. The only problem is my transmission.

13th Jun 2002, 13:05

I'm getting one for $800 next week.. 120k and still running sweet. This review is making me feel much better about the purchase, then again my last car was a FORD:P I can't wait to smoke all those plastic hyped-up silly looking Hondas that obviously will never be as good looking, powerful and respectable as the '85 Camero Z28:)

21st Oct 2002, 01:00

I just received a 1985 Z-28 for some work I've done with a friend, Me and a friend have recently rebuilt the 305 and upgraded a little. I must say, even as a ford and chevy fan, the Z-28 still leaves mustangs way behind.

9th Nov 2005, 08:52

C'mon people... Camaros from the 80's NEVER were faster than the same year Mustangs. I had two Mustangs and they could easily beat any Camaro... even the 5.7 due to it's pitiful automatic. I am talking stock to stock on these cars... The Mustangs were lighter and more powerful so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that it only adds up to a faster car. I met a guy with an '87 IROC in 1988 and he said the only car he ever lost to consistently was the 5.0 Mustang. Even the mags like Car and Driver and Motor Trend praised the Mustangs in the 80's as the "best bang for the buck" year after year from '87 up. To claim your Camaro is faster than a Mustang is just ludicrous. The Mustang driver you raced probably wasn't wasting his time on you. I never bothered racing Camaros with mine because I knew I could beat them. It is more fun when it is a fair race... Mustang to Mustang. Oh, and I am not even commenting about the V-6 guy claiming to beat 302's... PULLEEEAAZZZEEE!!

11th Nov 2005, 11:19

A Camaro with a 2.8 V6 beating most 302's. This guy with half an engine doesn't what a muscle car is. That statement is silly. Does he know that his 2.8 V6 does 0-60 in 12 seconds, how funny. Even my winter beater, a Buick with a

3800 V6 with 170HP could easily smoke his V6 Camaro.

21st Nov 2005, 10:11

Here is a useful link to check out the 0 to 60 and quarter-mile times of your favorite ride, even if it is a Chevrolet or Ford. Let's hear it for Mopar... YEAH!