19th Nov 2004, 06:58

You guys were lucky with your cars, dead lucky. When I bought my 98' initially I didn't have any problems with it. But as time drug on, on thing after another started to break.

First it was my passenger side seat. It got stuck in position, just after the warranty had expired. Conveniently if you ask me. The next problem was with the check engine soon light. I had exhaust sensors dying about every 6 months or so. Then the brakes needed to be partially replaced. Once this was paid for the car was just getting started breaking down.

The head gaskets blew and a thousand dollars later I it fixed. I paid about 500 dollars to finally get my problem with starting poorly fixed. It just wouldn't start right after so many problems. They did so many adjustments to it that they weren't sure exactly the cause of that problem. It could have been anything from the faulty fuel injector they replaced to spark plug, or on down the line. I'm still not sure about that one.

Then, finally the car was running up to snuff. That's when it caught fire. Turns out a manufacturers defect on the engine causes it to backfire. Break the fuel regulator and then just burn your car to pieces. There wasn't much left, I was just lucky to have made it out unburned etc. I wouldn't by another one if my life depended on it, or a used one. I'm glad it burned i'd feel bad about trading it off, to have some poor sap come along and buy it. Domestics seem to have nothing, but problems and defects, because they put them their as a part of obsolescence. They don't want to mass produce anything that you can drive for a long time. Namely because then your out of the car market, where as if it's a junker car your back in 5 years. Just over the 3 year warranty agreement they offer.

19th Feb 2007, 10:13

I really love My 1998 camaro it is fast and handles well.