1976 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 350 V8 from Netherlands


The one and only American dream cruiser


This car was rebuilt in 2002, the engine was replaced at 100,000 miles, faults listed beneath are after this.

Air conditioning failed at 9,600 miles.

Replaced Power steering pump at 10,654 miles.

Replaced steer center-link at 10,654 miles.

Cruise sometimes fails.

All things common for a 30year old car

General Comments:

For the age of this classic car its in very good condition and the seats hardly show any type of wear nor does the carpet.

This vehicle rides very smooth and very nice floating on highways.

Although the 350 was the smallest engine possible in this car it does have its power and for the weight of this car it can get along very well with the other traffic.

This car is very thirsty, but hey, I do have a king size flagship and it's V8 powered. I pay $5,50 per gallon and I didn't buy it to earn money from it.

I trust this car a trip around Europe for sure, I trust it more then my 1994 Ford Scorpio!

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2006