12th Nov 2004, 11:48

I keep all of my vehicles is excellent condition and properly maintained. I was disappointed all around with the 95 for the previously stated reasons, however the most unpleasant was the feeling of hugeness that the bubble body gave. I always felt that the car was bigger than it was. The 89 never felt like a big car because I could see all four corners an I knew where the end of the car was. The 95 was just like my wife's Taurus. Incidentally, the bubbles were 100-200 lbs. heavier than the boxes, not the other way around. Besides, torque effects acceleration more than horsepower and the L03 305 had 15 ft-lbs. more than the L99 265. Either way, whichever style you prefer, the Caprice should not have been discontinued, just updated.

16th May 2007, 12:51

What were you thinking getting the 4.3L Engine!? Upgrade to 5.7L engine and upgrade your gear ratio to 3.73 and you'll probably change your mind.

14th May 2008, 14:24

There is no reason to even own this car if you aren't going to get the 5.7 liter engine. I had a 9c1 before it was totaled and I'm missing it like crazy. Insurance actually gave me $800 more than what I paid for mine so I'm off to get another one.

"Can't explain the feeling when I'm ridin' in my chevy"

-Young Jeezy.

12th Dec 2008, 09:05

Hi there, I also own a 91 Caprice Classic LTZ bubble type, and the only thing I can say bad about it is the rear axles are weak. I am a certified mechanic and I do maintain my cars! I replaced my axle 2 years ago and now again bearing failure. I only done 20000 KM! But besides that the car is a great car! Mine BTW is an 9C1 from the RCMP and only had 115 000 Km on it when I bought it.

20th Sep 2010, 21:38

You may think that torque moves a car, and cite the loss of torque, but you gain 30 horsepower, which is MORE than enough to offset the 15 lb/ft of torque.

On a different note, I don't understand why the L99 4.3L V-8 is the same horsepower/torque, and ironically the same 'W' engine code as their 4.3L V6 found in the Blazer style. It's easy to find someone that has a Caprice with a 'P' in the VIN, yet the 5.7L was pulled, and replaced with the cosmetically essentially similar L99 4.3L :( That was a reckless decision of Chevy to not distinguish the LT1 from a lowly 200 horsepower 4.3L.

21st Sep 2010, 12:15

"That was a reckless decision of Chevy to not distinguish the LT1 from a lowly 200 horsepower 4.3L."

It was and still going to be the same mistake Chevrolet, Pontiac and Ford will make. The Z28/Trans Am/Mustang GT was only distinguished from the lowly base Camara/Firebird/Mustang with small badges and exhaust for cosmetics. The difference was under the hood, the suspension and exhaust. Muscle car fans know the differences.