1982 Chevrolet Celebrity CS 2.8 Carburated from Mexico


A dependable car you can trust


The paint is wearing out after 20 years.

The dashboard started shaking.

The voltmeter had stopped working.

The alternator started to fail (this is the 2nd one)

General Comments:

This was the first car my dad bought, and he gave it to me when I was 13 years old, it was stored in the garage for about 9 years! I started to use it to go to the school.

I received the car in disastrous conditions: the steering wheel was very hard to manipulate, no tires, no air conditioning, the engine started throwing white smoke, the transmission had only 3 speeds working (is a standard 4-speed transmission; my god the gearbox was broken all inside!!) and many, many things more that were fixed in about 4 years, with a lot of money of course, but who cares!!!

By the time I have made some modifications to the car, like adding power windows, power locks, key-less-entry, electro-chromic rear mirror (The same used by the Yukon 1998), K&N air filter, Kenwood remote controlled sound system with 12 disc changer and many, many things more...

This is the best car my dad have ever owned, because it had never left us on the road; I am planning to paint it by December 2002, by the way it has no rust!!!

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002

8th Feb 2005, 17:47

I have had six Chevy celebrities. Years 85-89. I love them all! They're great cars with a lot of power and durability. It's amazing you can beat the crap out of them and they still keep on going. I haven't seen any under 100,000 miles. I wish that they never stopped making them. My guess is that they were too good and lasted too long.