1983 Chevrolet Celebrity 2.8L V6 from North America


Great MPG, nice ride, wish I didn't sell it


Replaced starter.

Replaced rear brakes.

Replaced exhaust.

Rust starting along the bottom of the car.

Car would occasionally stall making right hand turns.

Replaced spark plug wires.

Driver's side window would not roll up or down.

Previous owner installed an aftermarket cassette player, but it never worked right.

Replaced all 4 headlights.

General Comments:

This was the first car I bought on my own. It was 2 tone brown with brown cloth interior. It had a very quiet and nice ride. Very few squeaks; seemed to be built well.

It was just a base model, but I loved it. I think the only options were the V6 and rear defroster.

Lots of room for 6 people, and the gas mileage was amazing. With a light foot I got about 19 MPG city driving, and no kidding, the highest I got was an exact 30 MPG on the highway! Pretty good considering it was a 30 year old with a carburated engine, and 3 speed automatic with no overdrive! The 112HP 2.8 V6 had enough power for going around town at a decent speed, but the car struggled a bit on steep hills with other people in the car.

This car had its problems, but it was mostly just regular maintenance things needing to be replaced. It sat for a few years before I had bought it. I drove it for 10,000km and sold it less than a year later for double what I originally paid for it!

This was the only 83 Celebrity I ever saw on the road, and I wish I hadn't sold this car. I would buy another one again.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2013

14th Jan 2013, 21:07

These were sharp cars when they first came out. Very Euro-looking styling. Glad you have enjoyed yours :).

19th Jan 2013, 12:24

Personally I think these, and their Buick Century and Oldsmobile Ciera twins, are among the toughest front wheel drive cars ever made. We used to use a few of them as taxis back in the 1990s, already 5-10 years old (or more), and they were just un-killable, while getting great mileage.