25th Jan 2001, 02:29

I have an '82 Celebrity sedan with 173 c.i. 6 and 2BBL. It has about 240k miles on it and always starts in the coldest weather, the 3-speed tranny always shifts right.

The ride is still smooth and stable. The car is rather easy to work on. A great winter car.

4th Feb 2001, 19:54

I had an '83 Celebrity, and an '89 Celebrity, one right after the other, my '83 had an engine problem, someone supposedly put sugar in the gas tank, but I'm not sure.

Both of them had an engine tick, and they both had muffler problems, they both got holes in the muffler, around the same place, about in the middle of the car, the holes were about 1 inch wide and 2 inches long.

Other than that, they got me where I needed to go with almost no problems, didn't burn any oil, good gas mileage, but, being a teenager, I had to have more of a sportscar when I got the money, and I sold them both to good owners and they have had no problems with them that I know of.

I would suggest this car for a teenager as a first car or a "winter beater".

20th Feb 2001, 16:27

I recently had the pleasure to see what a showroom condition Celebrity looked like. A co-worker had acquired a burgundy, vinyl-topped '84 sedan with only 25K miles. It hadn't even been broken in yet! With a fresh coat of paint, it attracted lots of stares. When I crawled under it, I was amazed to find everything shiny and new! Obviously no winters. The car is like a museum. It still has an original box of Wet-Naps in the glove-box... from 1984!

15th Nov 2006, 21:15

I just got a '89 Celebrity as my first car. Basically, a teenager car. It has some muffler problems, but everything else is like new. I was very amused by that! The previous owner had owned the car since she bought it off the car lot and only drove it on weekends to run errands into town.

The car is great on gas mileage. I have yet to run into any problems with the car..

It's a great car for teenagers!!!

No complaints here.