1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 2dr Hardtop 307 2 barrel from North America


Good looking and fun to drive first car, just get disc brakes, no drums


Power steering hoses needed to be replaced because they sprang a leak.

Rusted out on rear quarters pretty bad. So replaced with reproduction quarter patch panels.

Seat material split open, so replaced with reproduction seat covers.

A/C needed a charge, freon leaked out, but it still worked when charged for a while.

AM radio sucked. Antenna was in the windshield and don't know if that was working right.

General Comments:

This 1972 Chevelle was cranberry red with a white vinyl top and a white bench seat interior. It had a red package tray though, which was original. This car was 16 years old in 1988, and was my first car when I turned 16 that year.

It had the 307 V8 with a TH350 auto trans. The car had a floaty ride. The car nose dived in hard braking, and the 4 wheel drum brakes faded quickly and were scary sometimes. Acceleration was good, and it shifted good.

In March 1990, a tornado appeared in front of me while driving the Chevelle, and when I turned around to get away, I crashed into a chain link fence. I replaced the hood later and repainted it myself. It turned out so good I decided to repair the quarters and repaint them too.

The overall quality of the car was about average. The windshield washer switch felt crummy, the steering wheel was cheap and cracked. And the doors sagged on their hinges a little. The engine was excellent and very reliable. Carb worked good too. Transmission was old, but still worked fine. If I were to buy one today, I would swap out the drum brakes for disc brakes, because I hated the brakes on that thing. Good looking fun first car!

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Review Date: 19th February, 2011

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 5.7 V8 350 from North America


It still has problems, but I love it!!


Well, when I got it, it had been off the road for a few years. I replaced the power steering pump, exhaust manifolds, master cylinder, rebuilt carberator and several other little tidbits.

In the almost 10000 miles I've had her, so much has gone wrong.

The camshaft needed to be replaced, the alternator went, 4 new tires were needed, and other little things.

General Comments:

I wouldn't trade this car for anything, unless it was a 2 door chevelle. I have put in hundreds of hours on the paint, and the bodywork. I have modified it to the extreme with a hood scoop, fin, racing stripes, duel exhaust with 4" tips, and numerous interior and engine accessories.

Lastly, the thing is I hate driving it so much due to the gas prices because I only get 12 MPG!

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Review Date: 11th December, 2004

8th Jan 2005, 08:34

This is a four-door sedan...?

19th Jan 2005, 21:33

Yes, it is. As of today, January 19th 2005, the transmission is about dead. Previously, the wiper motor just quit and spent over $500 on fixing it. I am really sad to say that it will be for sale on eBay soon. I am looking at a 1989 Camaro 5spd. Even though this car was unreliable and uneconomical, you gotta love these things!

3rd Jul 2005, 10:08

I owned a 72 Malibu for over 18 years (2nd owner) and other than my 53 Bel-Air, it was the best car I ever owned!

When I retired in 2001 I didn't need it as a daily driver so donated it to charity. It had over 240K and even though I had replaced the engine at 140K, the 350 Turbo transmission never had been touched in all those years and worked perfectly! Other than just maintenance items, it was a wonder car and I still miss it today!

10th Oct 2006, 07:10

Sounds like a labour of love. I admire your perseverance and determination in restoring this classic car. Cheers.

10th May 2007, 09:26

I own a '72 Chevelle Malibu right now. It is great!

The engine is all painted hemi orange, and I have plenty of chrome accessories in there. But the paint is the major problem, as I bought it with only primer, and it still only has primer on it.

The car has about 86k miles on it. Original engine and after-market exhaust. I haven't had too many problems with it and I drive it 3 or 4 days a week. I replaced a battery cable. Good car.

The only bad thing is the small engine (307 cu in.), but I plan on putting either a 454 or 502 bbl in there over the '07/'08 winter.