1981 Chevrolet Chevette 1.8 4 Cylinder from North America


Its very nice!


My master cylinder went out.

My fuel pump bolts came out.

My back tires rub.

General Comments:

I own a white four door 1.8 Liter 4 Cylinder chevette. I own 4 and we demolition derby all of them except for my daily driver, "white lightening." First off, I took this car through the woods on a fourwheeler trail and got stuck once. This car is awesome and will take a beating. I drive it back and forth to school everyday and I watched it get 29 miles to the gallon...it's an '81. not much has went wrong and I don't keep it very well maintained. I've drove it into about 3 ditches and a field... i tried to push it out of the snow and cracked both tail lights.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2007

16th Apr 2007, 16:13

How odd I remember them sitting on Chevrolet lots shiny and new kind of like the Aveo... now they are go carts for kids to play with in the woods.. I guess we know where the Aveo is heading.

16th Apr 2007, 16:30

You need to stop driving until you learn how to take better care of a car. Running into ditches is not smart, or safe. And quit demo derbying Chevettes. These poor, cute little cars are getting hard to find. Leave them alone and use a more common and ugly Ford Tempo for derbies.