3rd Jan 2005, 00:11

I don't think that anyone thinks that it is the best car made. But if you ever owned one you would know why the others like this little car.

19th Mar 2005, 09:47

I had an '86 CS 4 door also (white).As I remember: I was impressed by it's gas mileage. Power was only adequate. Handling was good. Interior was spartan, but functional. It was rock solid reliable... Until it was T-BONED. Thankfully at low speed. Totaled. Memories are all that are left now.

21st Oct 2006, 18:35

I bought my 86 Chevette Scooter in Dec. of 86-brand new. I paid $9200. for it including taxes and cost of loan. Twenty years later, I'm still driving that car. It now has 348,000 kilometers. I have replaced the tires three times, two windshields, two timing belts, brakes twice, muffler once and one door-handle (someone tried to break in to it).Nothing on the motor or transmission has ever been touched. The muffler needs changing right now and I have a bit of an oil leak when it gets hot outside. Its not very fast on the highway anymore, but does just fine here in the city. It's still doing around 30 mpg. just as its always done. I blew 12 dollars and repainted it myself about 5 years ago because it was looking dingy from sitting outside.

I wanted to buy a good used small truck about 10 years ago, but the dealer offered me 25$ for my car, so I told him I'd sooner drive it till it dies. Well, it may be a while

yet.That car has not been babied in its life. I used to take it fishing to places where a larger vehicle could never go. I've seen it, because it's so light, ride right over top some good-sized snow banks. I used to drive 15 miles of gravel road to work every day for the first three years I owned it. I've hauled extension ladders, easy chairs- and miscellaneous livestock if needed in that car. Yes it would have been nice to have power brakes and power steering, but if you work out the cost per every day I've owned it, it works out to something around 37 cents. I take a lot of kidding because it's still going, but it's seldom a person gets the value for their money that I have from that car. Gone are the days when almost anything will last for twenty years.

26th Jan 2013, 18:06

I just bought a 1981 Chevette. Nice car. We had Grabiak Chevrolet go over it, repair the front end, and install new brakes. It runs well, no problem getting on a freeway with it. Stopping distance is not bad with new brakes and rotors. We have 108000 miles on it.

A deer ran into us, and did damage to the hood, fender and grille. Repaired them for 118 dollars, plus the cost of paint when it gets done. We are going to totally restore this car, as it is such a little gem.

Wish I had bought one in 1981. I would have saved a ton of money on cars, and repairs. Everywhere you go, someone has a story of the one they used to own.