1979 Chevrolet Citation CL 2 Door 2.8 Liter V6 from North America


Never let me down in 24 years


This is my second car and 2nd Citation.

This is just an amazing car.

Faulty GM brakes changed at 1,000 miles.

And again 200 miles later.

Alternator changed 3 times once at.

400,000 again every 150,000 after.

Got into accident in 1980 500$

All brake lines replaced in 1991.

Exhaust changed every 150,000 miles.

Oil changed every 3,000 miles.

Car painted and rustproofed every 5.


Total suspension rebuild in 1997.

Carburetor rebuilt in 1989.

Radiator blew in 1990 changed then and.


As of today June 6th 2003 I'm totally.

Rebuilding the fuel system.

General Comments:

Go ahead and laugh at my Citation, supposed to be the worst cars around hey? Your wrong.

On may 22nd 1979 I bought a Chevy Citation from my local Chevy dealer.

It had a serial number 1,001. I was one of the first to buy a Citation and I paid 5,765 for it.

It had a 2.8 liter v6 and I went home to show it to my friends (I was only 18)

On my way home I was stopped at a red light on a highway.

I was sitting there when I saw this big huge 18 wheeler coming quick behind me, next thing I remember is a horrible smashing sound.

He demolished my Citation after getting 3 miles on it.

After bargaining and negotiating for 1,000 dollars I got a new Citation on June 1st 1979.

I still own that car to this day.

For people that think Citations suck, tell me how many other cars can put 650,000 miles on the original engine block and transmission?

Not many! Tell me this too, how many other cars around sold 811,540 cars in their debut year?

None because that record still stands to this day, I count for 2 of those.

This car is such a good value, I've put all together 9,000 into this car including purchase price, and it's given me 24 years and 650,000 miles of working service.

The car has no rust even though I drive in the winter (thanks to new paint every 5 years).

If you buy a new car and want to keep it forever heres what you should do.

Don't abuse it.


Add a fuel system and engine cleaner EVERY time you fill up.

Change your oil every 3,000 miles.

If you do those things it will last.

I'm going to keep this car forever, and I will hopefully get 1,000,000 miles in about 15 years.

On January 17th 1980 I was on an icy road in Ohio and was parked at a light I saw a garbage truck in my rearview mirror with his tires locked up and sliding. I tried to move, but my tires got no traction on the ice so I hopped out and he did too, (he was going only about 15 miles an hour).

We both watched as his truck hit my car doing almost no damage to the Citation , but His radiator blew.

34$ fixed the light and bumper damage and since then nothing has happened to the Citation.

I travel 178 miles a day to work and back and enjoy the ride everytime...

I would suggest anyone that has a Citation to give it time and care, and it will last forever

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Review Date: 6th June, 2003

10th Jun 2003, 19:43

What a wonderful review. It makes me happy to hear from a person who owned a Citation and had a good experience with it.


19th Dec 2004, 08:58

Hello this is the owner of the car here to give an update, well the car is still running great it was beggining to have some engine issues so instead of buying another car I invested in 1500$ And had the engine totally rebuilt, the odometer currently reads 711,909 and still going strong, this is such a good car, I'm telling you I have no plans to ever get rid of it, when they build cars theres always that 1 in a thousand that's special, I think that's what I have here, I will never get rid of my citation, I will update later.

26th Jan 2006, 03:55

Awesome! You will get to that 1,000,000 mile mark! I had a citation x11 and wish I had the money back then to fix it and treat it better than I did. I would still have it today and never give it up just like you!!!

24th Dec 2006, 13:11

There is a club with over 700 members that feel the same way you do about the cars. Chevy Citations Forever.

I have an 82 4 Dr I will never part with.

Great review.