2008 Chevrolet Colorado LT 4 cylinder from North America


Good mechanics, crappy electrics


This truck has been an electrical nightmare.

I've replaced the brake light switch, throttle position sensor (integrated into the throttle body - $200), canister purge valve and solenoid.

The lights seemed to run very "hot" - when I replaced my brake lights, they had actually singed the socket a little. Same with the license place lights - they MELTED the socket to the bulb. Pain to replace!

The cruise control occasionally didn't set, but replacing the brake light switch seemed to fix that.

My only other complaint is the weatherstripping around the doors comes undone easily, but glue is cheap. Oh, and the storage things under the rear seats - the latches break if you look at them wrong.

General Comments:

Mechanically, a very good solid truck, but the 4-cylinder is a bit underpowered. All the electrical/sensor stuff is another matter. I think the check engine light has been on more than it has been off - good truck if you don't live in an emissions-inspecting state.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2017

2008 Chevrolet Colorado W\T 2.9L "Vortec" 4 cylinder from North America


I'm a ford guy... but I'm still impressed..


Nothing at all. Except for the brake light switch failed, replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

Great little truck.

I got the W\T model because I wanted basic, rubber floors, crank windows, manual locks, stick shift, etc etc... and that's what I got.

The 2.9L 4 cylinder accelerates awesome, it's got torque from a low 900RPM lug clear up to the 6,000RPM redline. Pop it into 3rd at 55 to pass and you're gone, right now. Very snappy for a little pickup.

The transmission has good spaced gears, seems to keep the engine pulling hard no matter where you shift at.

It handles very much like a small car, you can tell it's kind of light and skiddish, but more than stable enough to inspire confidence. It goes where it's pointed, and then comes back again perfectly.

I bought this truck for a commuter, and I wanted a small truck. Mileage is usually between 25-29, got 32 once. By comparison my 96 F150 that was my daily driver was getting between 11-15, and driving 100+ miles a day... well... got expensive to say the least.

The seats are comfy, and the cruise is a big plus. The A/C works great and the ABS and other electronic gizmos seem to work very well.

I haven't really hauled or pulled a lot with it, yet. But the couple small loads I have moved with it it seemed to handle them with ease. I mean, obviously it's not going to pull a house over, then haul away all the rubble at once, but it's more than respectable for a small truck.

The only complaints I have about it, are I'm a big guy and the pedals are kind of small, and the body panels seem to have the structural integrity of a pop can. The frame and basic structure seem to be very solid though.

Overall, an awesome truck for the 15K sticker price.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2008

11th Jun 2010, 21:51

The interior is gonna be frail because its base :) My bud has the higher model with the L-5, and its got the interior of riches, but then again it's a truck, it's gonna be pretty basic in general. :)