1991 Chevrolet Corsica LT 2.4 multi valve from North America


A comfortable, easy handling vehicle beyond it's year


Like someone mentioned earlier, this car is going through kind of a cranky stage between 89-90,000 miles. Had to recently replace the left radiator tank. The mechanic told me it was a cheap plastic tank. The day after the radiator tank was fixed, had to replace the water pump.

Had to replace the brake pads at 86,000, they wore down fast.

The car trembles -- but only when your foot is on the brake for an extended period of time. I often put my car into "Park" at long stop lights, and the trembling stops.

The thermometer often shows that the car is close to overheating. This car has never overheated on me, but is always hot. It gets really hot within 10 minutes of starting it up, and stays hot/warm for up-to 3 hours after shutting it off. When the air conditioning is running however, the engine temperature actually goes down (believe it or not!) I've wondered if the car is actually pumping more coolant into the engine when the A/C is on (is that too far-fetched??)

Like almost all Corsica's I've seen on the road, the paint is peeling. And it's getting worse.

Other repairs on this car were minor.

As far as driving -- The power steering has gone out before while going through a major puddle or hydroplaning. Although rare, this can be scary.

It handles alright in the snow, but not the best. Being from Montana, I should know. It's advised that you put snow tires on this car in the winter.

General Comments:

I'm going into college and this was the very first car I've ever owned. This car got me through high school.

I've never had a car that handled better than my Corsica. It's a bit more difficult to steer than other vehicles with power steering, but you really get used to it and you get a better feel for the car. The finger grooves on the steering wheel make it possible to do anything... even one handed.

This car accelerates as good as any roadster out there. People are often shocked at stop lights when I beat their "race car" off the line with my little Corsica.

Once used to the brakes, you feel as if you have so much control. The brakes aren't at all too sensitive like the newer cars on the road, but they are responsive.

This car is VERY comfortable. I got it from a little old lady who only drove it to the grocery store, so the factory sound system had rarely been used. The original sound system is fantastic.

The air conditioner gets going quickly, and is so cold that you may sometimes need a sweatshirt in the car when it's 95 degrees outside :)

The heater works great, and there's an upside to having a hot engine: When it's really cold in the winter you can switch the heat to "vent" and the car heats quickly. The regular heater is great too.

This car is safe and reliable. You are in complete control at all times. I've hit two deer in this car (the deer were fine) and the car didn't even dent.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004

27th Sep 2008, 14:02

A superb review on an excellent car. GM knows how to build 'em right, and the sensible, reliable, low-priced Corsica is evidence of that.

1991 Chevrolet Corsica LT V6 from North America


It's a great, reliable car to have


When I bought the car I had to replace the starter.

A few months later I had to replace 2 coils in the engine ($700.00).

General wear-and-tear on the brakes, shocks and struts.

I don't wash my Corsica much for fear of losing more paint.

The window rattles when partially down. I just push on it until it lands at the bottom of the track.

I press the auto. lock multiple times to lock the front passenger door. Actually, any more I just reach over and lock it manually or ask the passenger to do it before getting out.

Had to replace the computer chip in the engine around 80,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is exceptionally reliable!

It's served me well, and I travel a lot to visit family out of town.

It's very quick off the start and people don't expect a little old Corsica to pass them up!

I'll hang on to this car until its very end, and that'll be a long time!

I laughed at the responses from other people! We all have kind of the same problems, but we love our Corsica's!!

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Review Date: 16th April, 2004