2004 Chevrolet Corvette LS1 from North America


Outstanding performance at a bargain price


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Having been raised on and owned mostly 4 cylinder foreign makes over the years, this car is a true revelation. Acceleration and handling are like nothing I've ever driven before. It's been hard getting used to the speed at which curves can be taken, and straight line acceleration is very quick.

I did not list a previous vehicle because I did not replace any car with the 'Vette. I plan on laying it up for the winter and driving my Subaru.

Although it take some getting used to, entrance to the car is not as bad as I thought it might be. Once inside the seats are very comfortable with adjustable side and back bolsters, as well as all the usual fore/aft/up/down adjustments. Outward vision is better than I thought it would be and I feel safe in making lane changes and seeing all around the outside of the car. Interior fit, finish and materials are certainly better than other Chevy's I've driven.

This car is good looking! I prefer this Corvette body style to any other, including the latest C6 'Vette.

Considering everything together, especially price when bought used, I don't think there's another car out there that provides performance and handling that this Corvette does.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2009

2004 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Convertible from North America


I had not driven my 2004 Corvette convertible since last summer. I recently was going to go wash it. When I looked at the gas gauge it was on completely empty. I was so surprised to see it on empty knowing that I never leave a vehicle without fuel.

After I went to a station and put $20 worth of fuel in the car, all of a sudden a puddle of gasoline was under the car. I moved it forward to investigate a little further. It was leaking from just behind the drivers seat.

I put it in the shop and they told me that it had been repaired before by another Chevrolet dealer as per the "Vehicle Inquiry System. It was repaired at 4,046 miles as per a bulletin concerning the fuel level sensor. Also in the comments section, it also stated that they had to replace a pipe that was not sealing. Obviously this thing has been a problem from day 1 considering the mileage, the repair shop never did fix the leaking of fuel or there is obviously some faulty parts involved here.

General Motors has blown me off and doesn't feel they are obligated for nothing. I have read where other people have had fuel leaking from either side of the gas tanks and this is a problem and they refuse to handle it. This car has had a smell of raw fuel since I have owned it. This is a serious danger to the driver or anywhere this vehicle may be parked. This is a bomb ready to explode as far as I am concerned. When there is a repair done under warranty, and just over another 1,000 miles later it is doing the same thing, then this is serious and especially when you have fuel leaking.

I asked General Motors if at every 1,000 miles if I going to have to repeat this repair work? It sat at the dealership for two weeks and leaked out 1/4 of a tank of gas. General Motors has got admit to this before it is serious disaster for someone.

General Comments:

I want more people to be aware of this situation, and also to please report these incidents to General Motors and the National Highway Safety Transportation Board because General Motors does not want to admit they are at fault. This is a very serious hazard in many ways. Many people have been out thousands of dollars for their faulty product, and I am one of them.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2009

7th Feb 2017, 04:00

I know this review is old and I owned one. I resolved the issue by replacing the fuel filter on the left rear side. Mine was leaking too. That's all I had to do. I actually had to wait to order one at the dealer. I have bought newer since. This is the last year of the C5. Great car if you live outside the snow belt for a daily driver. On commutes you can achieve mid to high 20s on MPG. It's the aerodynamics and overdrive. Put on the cruise and they are great on long trips. You never feel like you are driving a basic boring appliance like car. Buy a low mileage one when shopping. You can find these for only around 25k for a nice example.