1965 Chevrolet Impala SS 283 c.i.d. from North America


Great looking collector car, and very dependable!


The only troubles I had with the Impala was trying to find a 2 barrel carb to fit a 283 engine. If I had the cash back then, I would have purchased a manifold and a 4 barrel Holley. Back in 1986, other than waiting forever and overpaying for a carb at a dealership, your choices for bigger auto parts stores in Chicago were Forest City Auto Parts and Trak Auto.

In addition, the brutal Chicago winters took it toll on the rear part of the frame and the rear shock towers. You felt like you were on a roller coaster when you went over railroad tracks doing about 20 m.p.h.!

General Comments:

I purchased my Impala in Chicago for $1200 from a kid my age at the time (20). It was (and still is) my dream car!

It was evening orchid (lavender color, rumored to be a Cadillac experimental color in 1965) with white vinyl interior and black dash. Powerglide trans, bucket seats and console.

I found it interesting to have the "optional" hazard lights feature, which was a huge bright red button on the lower dash, just left of the console.

A very dependable car! Decent on the gas and idled very steadily, even with big temperature changes. Excellent riding and handling as well.

Had some surface rust around the rear wheel wells, and at the top of the rear deck where the infamous dual antennas came out. I put some money into having the frame and shock towers fixed.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2009

1965 Chevrolet Impala 327 V8 2bbl from North America


A very affordable muscle car


Tires needed replacement

Brake system needed to be updated

Headliner sagged

Original seats wore out.

General Comments:

This car had been sitting for 2 years before I bought it.

After putting in a new battery, the car fired right up.

It is completely original, except for the new headliner, seats, tires, and rims.

The car is extremely large, and very fun to drive. I get many looks and "thumbs up" from other drivers.

I bought the car for $2500, and had it appraised for $13,500. I have been offered over $10,000 many times for it.

I am in the process of restoring it, and am having loads of fun doing so.

It took some time to get used to the powerglide 2 speed transmission, but the car really moves out, and is just a blast to drive.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2004

21st Apr 2004, 09:04

Someone really offered you $10k for a '65 Impala with a 327 and powerglide and you didn't take it??? and it has not even been "restored" yet?

RU insane?? or just making this up?

28th May 2004, 12:14

Are you shure $10,000. it sounds to me you are happy with the car, but it is not a muscle car. Chevrolet designed the car to be a cruising car not a muscle car. and the 327 has good power, but its not as good as the Chrysler 318 which was smaller, but not by much, but it makes a bit of power difference. its just hard to believe that Chevrolet would put a 2 speed powerglide automatic behind a 327.