1976 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe 5.7 350 SBC 2 barrel from North America


Detroit Iron at its finest. Long live the old school Chevys!


Nothing really.

I bought the car from the original senior owner. It had been sitting in a carport for over 10 years. I boosted the battery and sprayed some WD-40 on the carb, and it started right up, even with the stale old gas. A real testament to the quality and durability of old small block Chevy engines.

After purchasing it I did a full service, oil and filter change, radiator flush, tranny flush, power steering and brake fluids, new battery, new belts, gas tank flush, and greased the steering components.

I did all the above for less than $200. This car is super easy to work on and maintenance parts are dirt cheap.

Now it rides like an absolute dream, powerful and smooth.

Floats like a cruise ship on the highway.

General Comments:

This is an amazing car and I love it. The 2 door coupe model is very rare, and gets tons of looks anywhere it goes.

Cars like this are a throwback to the golden days of Detroit iron, back when cars were made in America by Americans, made with pride, workmanship and attention to detail.

This car is a blast to drive, super comfortable and spacious inside, even with the stock fabric bench seat. The interior has held up very well over the years, and looks mint aside from a few cracks in the dash, common on this model.

The 350 engine runs super smooth and quiet. It's not fast off the line due to the weight of the car, but has super fast and powerful acceleration at highway speeds. Smooth suspension and handling, and the brakes are really decent too. Of course this is rear wheel drive, so it handles great at any speed.

All in all I love this car. So much fun to drive, and I love the look of it with the classic Chevy grille and triple taillights.

I will eventually upgrade to a 4 barrel performance carb, aftermarket dual exhaust, aftermarket rims and stereo system, but I'm totally satisfied with the car as is.

I recommend buying one of these if ever you get the rare opportunity; these old Chevys are going up in value online.

Sure it drinks gas, but parts and maintenance are dirt cheap, and it's still a cheap car to operate in the long run.

They don't make cars like this any more and never will. This was a time when every working man could afford one of these luxurious land yachts and our economy was better, before the demise of the North American manufacturing sector and the slow elimination of the working middle class American.

Nowadays everything is made in China, we have little to no jobs left, forcing Americans to buy cheap Chinese made Walmart goods, and furthering the vicious cycle.

Most people can't afford real cars or luxury any more, and are forced to settle for cramped, unsafe, cheap plastic disposable Korean economy compacts that will be in a scrapyard before the payments are finished.

As a working class person myself, I always buy domestic and always will, as should anyone who cares about their country.

Long live the Impala and old school Chevys! A great throwback to better times!

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Review Date: 17th May, 2013

18th May 2013, 08:02

Wonderful review. I couldn't agree more about the value not only of these old cars, but the social system which produced them. All destroyed now, alas.

18th May 2013, 16:02

And some people wonder why our kind would drive cars like this from the 70's.

Your review pretty much explains it all.

17th Mar 2014, 20:28

Your statement: "I will eventually upgrade to a 4 barrel performance carb, aftermarket dual exhaust, aftermarket rims and stereo system, but I'm totally satisfied with the car as is."

I have one of these cars and would like to put an aftermarket, full dual exhaust system on it, but it will require a double hump transmission cross member. I have been looking all over for one, but can't locate anyone who markets one for this car. Would appreciate it if you would share how you plan to proceed.

2nd May 2023, 22:20

Wikipedia says that the B-body Chevrolets from 1971-1976 were close to Cadillac in amenities and ride.

1976 Chevrolet Impala 4dr Hardtop Sedan 350 V8 2 barrel from North America


AMERICA at its best!


Had to replace the tires when I got it. They were 21 years old.

Master cylinder and brake system bled at a local shop was just over $40.00. Not too bad for low cost maintenance I'd say.

This car has had a full tune-up. Full service fluids replaced, paint detail. New exhaust.. It only has 32,500 original miles, mind you... but I would not expect a brand new vehicle to perform with as much grace and comfort as this car.

The way Chevrolet designed the powertrain on the mid 70's Impala/Caprice is pure science. The torque and the aspiration and the gear ratio... PERFECTION!

General Comments:

Very smooth steering. Braking is very strong on these cars. Starts up in a second, no matter the weather. Can hardly hear or feel it running. No wonder these cars of this era were deemed as the most dependable cars built.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2010