28th May 2009, 15:48

Another update.

Another problem I have had with it are the hubcaps. They are plastic caps used to keep the hubcap on instead of the snap on design. I was stupid and I let the mechanics take off my hubcaps each time I had maintenance done on the car. One time the mechanic put the hubcaps back on with some of the black pieces half broken. The mechanics also broke them too. I have 10 caps left instead of 25. I had to use a screw driver to break them out. This caused me to loose a hubcap because I no longer had enough caps to keep it on. I fixed this by buying aftermarket ones at Auto-zone (they cost a lot less than the manufacturer ones).

My advice is to take off your hubcaps before you get any work done on your car (especially if you have one's that screw on with plastic caps). As long as you do that, your hubcaps should last longer. Don't waste money and learn the hard way (it only take about 3 minutes to take them off). It will cost at least $40 for a new hubcap from the manufacturer and about $5 a plastic cap.

I also have some rust by one of my front tires. I plan on touching it up some day.

14th Sep 2009, 10:32

Another update, I had to replace part of the exhaust system, they usually last 10 years, but in my case only 6 years. I am not complaining because this is the only thing I had to fix in a long time.

I also replaced two tires in front, but I did keep the ones in back. I am going to replace those if I get bad traction in the winter time when it snows.

I also found a set of manufacturer hubcaps on craigslist for 35 dollars, they look so much better than those cheap ones you buy in a box at either Kmart, Wal-mart, Auto-zone, or any car parts store (they range in price from 18 to 40 bucks a set of four). I purchased a set of shinny 6 spoke ones at Auto-zone (see previous comment) for 38 bucks.

Since I have four shinny hubcaps sitting in my garage, I will put them back on my car once it starts to snow outside (live in Cleveland, Ohio). This way I protect the hubcaps I like from all that salt and beat up the ones I don't really care for. My advice to anyone with hubcaps, if you have a spare set that you don't like and you live in an area where it snows a lot in the winter, I recommend you put the spare set on to beat up.

25th Sep 2009, 15:32

I had to have the front left wheel hub (also known as a wheel bearing) replaced and it cost me $215.50. (mileage, around 64,000)

I forgot to mention the price for the exhaust system fix. $199. (mileage, around 62,000)

3rd Oct 2009, 14:52

I am not happy at all with the brakes. I got them replaced at 45,000, and the car now has 65,000 on it and I have to put the pedal on hard to stop. I got this checked out by my mechanic, and he said the brakes are fine. Please beware of the brakes on the 2000-05 Impala, and get them inspected before you get one. If you want a car with good brakes that last, then don't get an Impala (2000-05 models), not sure about the 2006 and up models.

18th Oct 2009, 11:54

I am the original review person. Had the battery replaced, this cost me $85. (Car wouldn't start in my driveway, every time I would try to start it all the lights would go on and it would make weird noises, it was like being in a horror movie) (Then the next day in the afternoon when I went to start it, it started right up like nothing was wrong and I was able to make it to Wal-Mart) I got a battery at Wal-Mart and they put it in for free (just charged $2 to grease it).

I also changed the air filter, which was very hard to do. Most mechanics won't even check it when you go to get your oil changed because it takes too long. I recommend to either remind them to check it, or put a piece of tape over a part of it to see if they checked it.

21st Oct 2009, 16:40

I am the original review person. Just upgraded to a Sony X Plod head unit. The sound this CD player produces is crystal clear and I noticed a difference from the stock cassette radio. Although the stock radio was good for stock, it produced either too much bass or not enough, and it sounded bad at loud volumes. The Sony sounds good at loud volumes and the bass is perfect.

The Sony X Plod with RDS radio and a place to hook up and IPOD/ Mp3 player, and play MP3 discs cost 100 dollars. The installation cost was 50 dollars. The other parts needed to install it cost over 120 dollars. It took them 2 hours to install it. I also bought a 4 year warranty on the product for 15 dollars. I purchased this product at Best Buy and I am glad I did.

(Hint, you must know what you are doing if you want to install an aftermarket radio. The cars message center is run through the radio, and if you install an aftermarket radio improperly, you could screw up your car's electrical system, it is safer to pay the 50 dollars to have it installed)

13th Nov 2009, 01:12

Another update.

Out of nowhere my original black key got hard to turn in the ignition. I had to fiddle around with it and flip it to the other side and then it would turn (constantly gets stuck). Also one of my spares does the same thing. Luckily I have 2 spare keys that always turn without any problem. I am not going to let any mechanic check out this problem because I know they will say I need a new ignition switch or something else. Instead I will continue to use the keys that work until something happens. Any advice on this issue would help.

12th Jun 2014, 00:59

There are actually recalls on the front end of the 04 Impala SS with the steering column, so you could probably get fixed free of charge.