20th Jan 2003, 00:23

I too had a light blue 1979 4-door Impala. In the 6 years I had it it never left me stranded. I could always depend on it to go where needed even a 2000 mile road trip. I wish I wouldn't have had to sell it, but it made room for the 2000 Montecarlo. Plus I have a 1981 Pontiac Bonneville for which there is a review.

27th Apr 2003, 14:30

The almost new 1979 Impala - A success story!

I am the original proud owner of red-burgundy 1979 Impala. I purchased it brand new for $5400 in Minnesota.

The car was moved to Arizona in 1993. With a triple under-coating given originally, the car has almost no rust on it, and its interior is in superb condition for its 24 years life span.

The car came originally equipped with the 305 engine. With more than 150,000 miles on it, I recently decided to re build it. The engine was still in very good condition, but all seals were dry and the car was leaking.

I just installed a new 350 GM engine (yes, it is still being built) and a new transmission in my 1979 Impala. I kept the same old two-barrel carburetor. The total cost, $2800. For those interested, there is no mechanical modification required to put a 350 in the 305's place.

Wow! What a new car and what a feeling of being American! Just beautiful! Equipped now with a new engine, a new transmission, a new digital radio and speakers and a set of brand new tires, the almost new 1979 Impala is peppy and comfortable while the gas mileage of its new 350 engine is actually better than the old 305.

The 1979 Impala now gets 15 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. Rather remarkable for a car of this size. This compares well with today's average SUVs, but does not compare with my other car, a Toyota Corolla that gets at least twice that much.

With good care, my 1979 Impala will probably last another 25 years! That says a lot about Chevrolet and how well cars used to be built.


17th Aug 2004, 12:36

We (my folks) bought our '79 Impala in the fall of '83, and still have it. I was 15 years old at the time, and I took it upon myself to care for it. What a fantastic car! The Impala has never let us down. It was purchased with 30,000 miles, and currently has upwards of 200,000 miles. I say with great pride that it is 100 percent stock original: no engine rebuild, no goofy stereo system or rims - nothing! It is almost a daily occurence when someone will approach my mother asking her if the car is for sale. Her response is always the same: "It's promised to my son when I'm finished with it". Thanks Mom!

When she finally tires of the car, I will treat it to a very proper and meticulous restoration. After that, it will reside in my garage for the remainder of my life.