26th Aug 2003, 07:15

I also own a 2000 Impala LS, V6, front wheel drive car and it has about 44,000 miles on it. It also blew the transmission on August 21, 2003. The local dealership is saying the warranty is 3 years or 36,000 miles. Thus, I may have to pay the $3000 bill myself. I am contacting GM to see if they will absorb this cost under their "Secret Warranties" or "Goodwill". I don't have it back as yet---it is still in for repairs. I would also like to warn others about this defect, and suggest they contact the dealership now even though it hasn't failed as yet. I an my wife are 65 year old drivers and we are not "hot rodders".

3rd Sep 2003, 09:41

I have a 2000 Impala with 58,000 miles on it and never had any problems with the car until last week. My wife took the car to a local dealer and had the transmission serviced. Upon picking it up I noticed that under full acceleration from a dead stop the transmission would clunk hard 3-4 times rapidly. I took it back to the dealer the following day and they tore apart the transmission and replaced a bearing and valve body. We have the extended warranty and I (while holding my tongue) explained that I never had an issue with the car until the service was performed. However, I paid the deductible and off we went. Within 100 miles it started doing it again. Hard acceleration and there is the hard clunk. Not to mention the new valve body makes the shifts from 1-2 gear longer than it should be. I will keep you updated on the new findings as soon as I get back home (oh yes we are on vacation with this car 500 miles from home).

8th Sep 2003, 15:23

Wow! My Husband and I also own a 2000 Chevy Impala -When I took it in for its regular service I asked them to check it out it seemed to hesitate a few times and sounded loud. When the service rep came back bingo a new transmission is what I had to have some much for the $22.00 oil change!- That was at around 94,000 miles.

8th May 2004, 14:21

I was ready to buy a 2001 Impala LS, and I felt a hesitation when it accelerated. I love the vehicle over all, but reading everyone discussing transmission problems I don't know now. I am planning on getting a two year warranty regardless, but I hope there is nothing wrong with it. The purpose of buying a newer vehicle is the expectation that nothing will go wrong with it.

2nd Sep 2004, 00:37

I almost bought a 2001 Impala LS today, guess it's a good thing I ignored the salesman and took it to a buck (100mph), I felt a rather harsh vibration in the wheel. Upon decelerating, the whole car shook. That resulted in me almost having a heart-attack when the car almost swung into the side of a cement truck. My buddy told me to get a mid 90's and under, I should have listened.

29th Sep 2004, 16:07

It is Sept 29th 2004, and we have had our used 2001 cheverolet Impala since Feb 24th 2004. Today our car went into the shop for a new transmission. I am hoping that is all that they find. I love this car, and love driving it when it is not acting up. I have now read several message boards with mentions of all that is going wrong with their impalas...it is starting to scare me. Our car started out with a little hesitation, and then having trouble finding a gear while going up small inclines. Then there is the annoying hum while pushing on the gas peddle. We have changed the transmission filter and oil twice now, just to find more and more metal shavings. On Monday we drove up the street and finally it decided it no longer wanted to go. It died, we started it again, and made it back into the driveway. The thing that confuses me, is that we have taken it into two shops before it died, and nothing showed up on their computer scan of the car, they asked if any messages showed up in the message center...Nothing...Is this normal for a car to do all this and not to have anything show up under the service engine light? No sensors were even picking up any trouble with the car. Has anyone else had this problem with their Impala? Tomorrow hopefully we will know more of what is wrong with the car, it was trailered off to the shop. Once again, just wondering if anyone's Impala does not trigger the message center when the car is acting up...

4th Oct 2004, 18:45

I have a 2000 Impala which I have had since 8/28/04 with a 90 day bumper to bumper warranty. I have experienced the hesitation when accelerating from a stop, but no other noises at higher speeds. The car was brought back to dealer for the hesitation and couple other things. Recently the car would not start. When the key turn to start,nothing happens, however the key goes back to on position, I wait few seconds then it starts up. With this the "SECURITY" light comes on. I don't know if any of this means a major problem. First time brought back, the dealership could not find anything wrong, but some module item. The hesitation seems to have gone away, but I'm keeping watchful eye on this.On10/4/04 car back at dealer because it would not start. (same problem as above).Does anyone know of these problems, like "SECURITY" light on message center and anything else I've described. Please let me know.Thanks.

5th Jul 2005, 16:56

I too have had the SECURITY message appear in the message center. I took it to the dealer and they said it was something with the ignition. They repaired that and the Impala was fine. The tires are also making a humming kind of noise and the (ABS) light came on. A friend told me it was the bearings. Does anyone know of this? Thanks.

30th Aug 2005, 07:54

My son owns a 2000 Impala, and has a few problems.

The ABS light stays on, I just replaced his rear brake pads. Is there a way to reset the system? I was told that in the Vehicle Customization Settings you can clear this.

And the second problem is his Air bag light is on, I think due to a chassis leak in the firewall, when it rains his passenger floor gets wet. The air bag sensor is under the passenger seat. I have tore it apart, seats and carpet out to try and find the leak, I took it to a Dealer and they couldn't find the problem, But still charged him $170.00.

It gets a lot of water from some where. I have heard GM had a design flaw in the 2000 Impala, But they won't fess up to it. Any Ideas?

Thanks: Jerry.

5th Sep 2006, 14:57

The leak is comming from the vent on the passanger side.

I used tape to cover the vent from outside and now it works.

You can locate the vent by opening the hood of the car and tape the passanger vent that's where the water is leaking in from worked for me.