25th Jan 2003, 02:42

I also have a 1973 Impala though mine is a 2 door custom. I also plan on redoing this car, as it is my birth year, but more importantly it was an inheritance from an older friend I had worked for about 8 years. Please try to help the rest of us whom would like to do these type projects by letting us know where to get some parts.

15th May 2003, 03:56

I also have a '73 Impala Custom and don't plan on letting go of it. I'm thinking of replacing the 350 for a 454, has anybody done this on theirs? Any comments or suggestions? I may be better off rebuilding what I have with performance parts since I've yet to find one of these bigger engines.

10th Jul 2005, 13:40

How I remember the 1973 Impala! My parents had a green sedan, and in 1981 it was the car on which I got my driver's license. It was no screamer with the 350 2bbl.,but it was one sturdy car! A good thing for a 16 year old with a new license. I never did care for the color, an avocado-like shade, or the sound of the horn that Chevy used in the early '70s; an odd flat single-tone that sounded like a wounded cow. In response to the comment above this one, a 454 should be no problem to install, as this motor was a factory option on the Impala and Caprice.

26th Nov 2006, 14:32

Yeah, I have my Grandmother 74 Impala Sport Coupe. It was given to me after she went to an assisted living house. It is also green with the 350 2bbl. I call it the brochure car because it's identical to the one in the 74 Impala sales catalog. She's the second owner, but I was there when she bought it from the original owner (the father of one of my dad's friends). I love it. I also have many memories of rides in it to far away places (at least far away to a kid).

I also have a 74 mercury Montego that's been in my family since new.