28th Jun 2013, 10:33

I recently bought a 1970 Chevelle SS that cost more than my first home (a 3 bedroom brick ranch). Is it worth it? Absolutely! I will have it in a show with many rows of Chevelles at the All Chevelle 2 Day Show, June 28-29 in Northeast Md. weekend. That's right by the Chesapeake Bay. The largest Chevelle Show on the entire east coast.

Many station wagons are very hot right now by the way. I have seen Chevelle Wagons with Factory 396 4 speeds and bucket seats for the ones that had families but loved performance. Just to briefly name a few... My parents had a 1963 Impala Silver and White Painted Top Wagon purchased new with the rear facing bench seat. I would love to have that today. I also personally owned among others a 64 Impala Super Sport 4 speed Convertible and a 69 Camaro SS 4 speed. Very reliable, easy to service and parts available everywhere.

My more modern vehicles are literally impossible to work on. I had an PO410 code emission from Auto Zone reader, but where do you go from there? 4 O2 sensors and a multitude of possibilities. I needed a new circuit board and 2 modules to pass inspection. The old ones pre 69 do not require the 2 part emission test and they are so incredibly simple to work on. Now you can change fluids and that's about it. I went to change my radiator fluid and there isn't a cap! The overflow reservoir does not ensure the chance of no airlock. Get that and you may be buying a block. To prevent air lock, I had to pull the thermostat to flush and refill. One of mine doesn't even have a transmission dipstick... you have to lift the car, keep it running and check through a plug under the car!

I replaced a battery and my car would not run. I had to go through the dash reads and follow a procedure to also reactivate the key fobs. The old cars are so much nicer service wise! And if you have a very desirable model with the right options, it can appreciate well. I missed on the Hemi Cudas, but did well on ones I had from GM over time.

30th Jun 2013, 12:05

Actually if a car is 30 years old and really has the low mileage mentioned in the review, plus good overall condition, it should be very expensive, not inexpensive. These cars are becoming collectors items.