1990 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado 350 from North America


I loved this truck


The driver's side door did not seal well. From day one there was excess wind noise from it. I should have had the dealer repair it - lesson learned.

Replaced the shocks with a set of Monroe lifetime units. I thought this was way too soon to replace them, but the Monroe shocks lasted very well (70k).

Alternator replacement (110k and 370k).

Water pump replaced (140k).

Muffler had rusted through. I considered this normal wear and tear (180k).

Fuel pump replaced (200k).

Radiator replaced twice (220k and 350k).

General Comments:

I ordered this truck from the dealer because I loved the looks of the 1990 Chevy. I got a standard cab, short bed, Silverado, with a 350 and 5 speed. I wish I had gotten the extended cab for the extra room.

I originally bought the short bed because I liked the looks, and didn't haul more than dirt bikes and occasionally help someone move. If I had it to do over again, I probably would have gotten a long bed. As it was I ended up hauling loads of wood, loads of hay, a horse trailer, a car trailer and a 22 foot camp trailer. The heavy loads were definitely felt in the suspension, but the truck did it. The engine had plenty of power to handle it.

I had a few unfortunate mishaps. At about 110k, I was in a fairly low speed head on collision. The truck was repaired, which included straightening the frame and replacing most of the front of the truck. The truck drove like a champ even after that.

At 140k I replaced the water pump in January, after which I failed to add antifreeze. A nasty freeze froze my block, which let to a replacement Goodwrench 350. The old engine had just started to smoke a little (The new engine would end up lasting the duration of the pickup, but by the end it was noticeably starting to slow down. This could have had as much to do with the fuel injection as the engine).

I later hit a deer at 60 mph at about 200k. I had a fairly stout Smittybuilt bumper that took most of the brunt of the blow. But still the grille, fender, lights, hood, radiator support and a few other parts needed replacing.

Around 250k I was hit on the back left side of the truck, which necessitated a new rear end, among other parts.

Another 70k later, a girl in the Burger King impatiently decided to back out of the drive through without looking behind her where my truck was. That was another grille.

By 2009, the truck was looking pretty rough, and power was noticeably decreasing, so I bought another pickup. Shortly after that, the Cash for Clunkers program was started. You cannot imagine how difficult it was to bring myself to actually get rid of the pickup.

I want to point out that the day I got rid of the truck, the seats were barely showing wear. They were still in great shape.

At the same time the paint on top of the bed rails and roof had started chipping. And I never thought much of the stereo.

This was my daily driver for 19 years. I considered it very reliable. And I loved this truck!

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2014

1990 Chevrolet K1500 5.7L gas from North America


The best truck on the road


In the 60,000 miles I have owned this truck I have not had ANY mechanical problems.

General Comments:

Reliable, strong, fun, capable off road! This truck is fast when you sttomp on the gas, but also has no problem hauling a 4,000 pound trailer on the job.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2008

6th Nov 2008, 17:55

I've got this truck in an "89 model with 332,000K and it's still going strong. Too bad the body & frame are starting to rust out. The people that had it before me did not take care of it - if they had I'd be looking into spending the money on repairs that it needs. For now though it is doing just fine as a "beater" truck.