1997 Chevrolet K1500 silverado 5.7 from North America


Reliability is directly proportionate as to how well the owner takes care of their vehicle


Alternator went 3x in last 10 years, installed a cowl hood and went to a 135 amp alt. and hopefully this one lasts. Fuel pump has gone 3x and fuel harness on the 2nd time melted. Starter went @ 180000 kms, replaced with OM part. O2 sensors went so I installed simulators and removed the cats because the driver's side was plugging up around 200000 kms. The driver's exhaust manifold cracked around 160000 kms and I installed headers and have had no problems since. Rebuilt the complete front-end a week ago, but feel this is pretty good being the truck has run 33x12.5 tires since bought in 97. Head gasket was replaced @ 120000 kms and just went again. I noticed a small seepage of coolant on driver's side from the bottom of the valve cover on starting the engine, but the coolant is not dropping. I have noticed a small oil leak on the back of the motor on the passenger side, but maybe the mechanic will find the leak when he does the head gasket. Replaced the MAS sensor @ 180000kms, due to myself not waiting long enough for the oil on my performance air filter to absorb and burned out the sensor prematurely. Second thing to go on truck when it was still relatively new was the transmission. It completely went in front of store at Christmas in 98 and the mechanics said the whole tranny was shot, but yet the oil was still clear and had no burnt smell to it. All in all, for what the truck has gone through, I feel repairs are always going to be a part of life and it is still cheaper than buying new. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

General Comments:

Looks like a truck should on the front end.

Nice ride, without governor doing well over 210 kmh.

Very comfortable to drive, one day drove over 1800 kms.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 17th November, 2007