2005 Chevrolet Kalos LX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Excellent if the above fault was fixed


The airbag warning light has been repeatedly illuminating through out the last year. It is now on its 9th visit to the Chevrolet appointed garage to have the problem fixed. Each time they have repaired it, I'm sure with the best intentions, but each time it comes back on within a matter of weeks.

Now one year after its first visit, the fault has finally been diagnosed, and I am confronted with a £200 repair bill. Because the dealer who sold us the car in the first place did not keep up the warranty servicing, Chevrolet customer care have advised that they will not honour the warranty, but that as a goodwill gesture they will pay half the cost of the parts. This is a nice gesture, but my argument with them and the garage is that, why has it taken so long to find the fault? It has now cost me one month's motoring throughout the year. A very unsatisfactory situation.

General Comments:

Very pleased, with the exception of the above fault.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

2007 Chevrolet Kalos S 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Nothing wrong with the car at the moment


Nothing wrong with the car at the moment, but when it was delivered, it was supposed to have a spoiler on the back. It did not, and it had a big scratch on the inside plastic of the door. After weeks of backwards and forwards, they finally did the scratch, but I am still waiting for the spoiler.

The after sale services is terrible. I've been told now that the 2008 model does not have a spoiler on, yet I picked the car because of the look of it.

I could not test drive one as they did not have one in, so I picked it from a book and off the web, which both stated it came with a spoiler. They should get something done with their aftercare.

General Comments:

When you just open boot of the car, you have to remember to lock it again as it does not lock on closing.

Does not tell you if you leave your lights on, but in another way it must turn them off.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2008

2004 Chevrolet Kalos LX 1.2 from Belgium


Good, reliable, pleasant, but squeaky!


Squeaky noise from the rear suspension; each time solved by the dealer by applying grease to the suspension packing.

Squeaky noise produced by passenger airbag compartment lid, which keeps coming up and has to be push down tightly.

Squeaky buckle keeping rear seat in place.

General Comments:

Although a calm driver, I have panicked on several occasions now, when, coming up towards a junction or approaching a vehicle in front, the car seems to slide forward and I have to slam the brakes, which do not seem efficient, but to my relief, each time, the car stops in time, but with a funny rattling noise coming from the front wheels. Has anyone had similar experiences? My dealer says it is probably the ABS system that I hear. This only happens at low speed ie 10-20 mph, and usually in wet weather conditions or cobble stoned/paved surfaces.

For the rest, a comfortable, pleasant car, but the enjoyment of driving is spoilt partly by many squeaks.

Fuel efficiency increases to around 370 miles (600kms) when using Total 98 rhon Excellium fuel.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2007

2007 Chevrolet Kalos SE 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Extensive kit outweighed by very poor engine and cheap trim


Various quality issues: various trim rattles, sharp edges on steering wheel rim and back, warped passenger airbag cover, some rusty bolts around fuel filler.

I have run the car as a hire car for 1300 miles across a variety of rural, town, city and motorway standard roads, and find it has many good attributes, but is too compromised to ever consider buying one.

I currently run a 2007 Perodua Myvi with the previous car being a 2006 Suzuki Swift. We (my wife) runs a 2007 Fiat Panda Diesel and we have experience of most 2006/7 cars made in this price class - Getz, Picanto, Ignis, Wagon R, C1, Aygo, Swift, Panda, Sirion, Myvi etc.

General Comments:

Good points: This SE spec model has an excellent level of standard spec, and does come with three years free servicing - all for £6750 discounted.

Spec includes remote/keyless entry, four electric windows, air-con, four speaker CD, electric mirrors, five full seatbelts and headrests, split fold rear seats, colour keyed bumpers, handles & mirrors as standard.

Nice touches are plenty-tinted sun strip across the windscreen, mobile phone pocket on side of passenger seatback, asymmetric cupholders to deal with any size cup, seatback pockets, boot light, a proper boot handle (curiously not in the centre!), well designed remote key is easy to use, intelligent electronics-delayed courtesy light and a seatbelt alarm that quits after 5 dings, nice front sidelight style.

Driving the car would be fine with a different power unit; it handles tidily, rides reasonably, has pliant and quiet suspension and good traction. It is stable and brakes well, inspiring confidence.

Bad: It has simply the worst engine possible, being terribly underpowered with poorly matched gear ratios, thirsty (I averaged 35mpg) and is just plain frustrating to keep up with everyday traffic. The poor economy results from spending 50% of the time absolutely flat out trying to keep it moving with the traffic - hills scare this car too. It cannot be driven gently just over tickover, is raucous over 2500 rpm, and anything over 3000rpm is just pointless.

If this was due to a stringent ECU emissions setting, you could forgive it, but amazingly for a 1.2 it emits a very high 153g/km, taking it into a high UK tax band of £140 per annum. Ignore the magazines and their 0-60 figures - the 1.0 Daihatsu Sirion, the Toyota Aygo and the Citroen C1 would leave this for dead in any situation - and all emit less than 120g/km, and therefore lie in the £35 per annum tax bracket.

The wheel trims expose the steel wheels and make them look cheap.

The interior fabrics smell of oil and are horrible - scratchy, synthetic and very sweaty.

There are various unsightly blanking plates for missing kit, and quality control issues as above.

The seats are flat and uncomfortable, with headrests that are sited too far forward, pushing your head forward and keeping catching the back of your hair.

The old fashioned rear headrests are not child friendly and block rear vision.

It has a daft space-saver spare wheel.

The stereo is a dated face-off unit with fiddly buttons.

Not enough storage cubbies.

No clutch rest.

The steering wheel is slightly too far away, and does not adjust for reach.

A general feeling of cheapness pervades the whole car - because it is cheap.

To sum up, it is a flawed cheap car with lots of equipment for the money and a good servicing package. It has a variety of talents, but the awful power unit, cheap finish and general discomfort will very quickly irritate you and outweigh the other benefits.

Honestly, I will be glad to give it back soon.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2007

10th Sep 2007, 09:51

I own a Chevy Kalos and love it. For the money its well built and comfy.

My first one covered 28000 miles and never rattled and was very reliable.

16th Jan 2008, 15:19

My father has just bought a 1.2s three door pre-registered with delivery miles for £5595 on the road!! It also has three years free servicing included. No air con though.

I agree with all the previous comments on spaciousness and comfort of the car. Ride quality and body control are good too. The boot is small, but this has been sacrificed to give more room to rear passengers. It must have best in class legroom for those in the back.

However you would not want to load this car up. When I first drove the Kalos with my father, I thought I had left the handbrake on!! That is how gutless it feels, no torque at all. So you have to rev the guts out of it to make decent progress and that of course affects the fuel consumption.

It is a much better car than you would expect for the money, especially if further discounted from the list price. But avoid the 1.2 engine, especially if it has air con which will further sap the engine power.

2005 Chevrolet Kalos 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Unsafe for use


Brakes have failed on three occasions. That is total failure.

Last failure was the steering. It went its own way causing a collision.

General Comments:

We have two Kalos cars bought within one week of each other. One has quirky irritations, but is OK in general. The newer one has brakes and steering issues. It is currently being repaired in a body shop because of the last fault.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2006

25th Nov 2006, 10:33

Issues with passenger compartment integrity in a crash (check out crash ratings) should make you quite shy about driving with anything wrong with brakes and steering. You should go for your money back.