1998 Chevrolet Kodiak 2 ton Cat. 6 cyl. Diesel + Custom 2 from North America


Transmission leaks (6-speed stick).

Brakes last 15,000 miles.

Rear-end leaks.

Electrical problems in dash.

Recalled 2 times for transmission problems.

A few other minor things (too many to list).

General Comments:

It is a flatbed hauler. Weighs 14,000 lbs. GVWR 25,000 lbs. Very good pulling power, but not very reliable. The Kodiaks are now very commonly used for wreckers & flatbeds. They can haul everything from a Yugo to a School Bus, or in other words can haul anything up to their own weight & size (no tractor trailers). Engine idles good & starts fine in winter. 1st gear is very low, could use 2nd most of the time unless loaded. Good looking body style. Cost is $65,000. For my next hauler, I will try a Ford.

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Review Date: 29th August, 1999

1997 Chevrolet Kodiak C6500 (2 ton) Cat. I-6 Turbo Diesel from North America


At about 5,000 miles the entire rear end had to be replaced. Somehow the rear end was not getting lubricated right & was making a loud grinding noise.

At about 8,000 miles the transmission fluid for the wet clutch started to leak & caused the parking brake to slip (the parking brake on this truck clamps around the rear transmission shaft).

General Comments:

It's a Wrecker. Can but don't have to plug it in on cold winter nights. Slow but good pulling power. Have to change oil every 5,000 miles (costs $40), takes 21 quarts of oil (15w-40) & a 2 quart capacity oil filter. Has 2 35 gallon tanks & gets 6 mpg. Top speed is 80 mph.

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Review Date: 18th October, 1998