5th Jul 2007, 14:31

Thanks for the reply. Yes I do agree the Mitsubishi is a less stylish car than the lacetti. I have seen the Chevs on autotrader on 55reg for about 5,500 Pounds! A very good buy I think I with only about 10 to 15k I can't help wondering what the catch is?

8th Jul 2007, 12:56

The catch is that most of these cars are previous hire cars. This will always tend to knock off an extra 15% off the value regardless of model or manufacturer. My own car was a previous hertz model which I purchased at 11 months old. One of the advantages of purchasing a 2005/55 model is that the free 3yr servicing was offered as standard; the balance of the free servicing is transferable to the future owner. From 2006 free 3yr servicing was a purchasable extra at time of initial purchase. In either case the warranty is transferable to the new owner (3yr, 60,000 miles). Good luck with your car search.

7th Jan 2008, 15:01

I must say, this has to be the worst car I have ever driven! Sorry to those who have purchased one already. I normally drive a Citroen C4 1.6HDi, but have been given a Lacetti as a hire car.

Firstly I agree that the car looks OK - especially compared to other cars in the price range however;

I commute 40 miles each way to work and the Lacetti is a nightmare - it is averaging low 30mpg and drives like a cattle wagon.

The gear box is the worst I have ever encountered and its anyones guess which gear I will actually end up in. Four gear also violently pops out of gear when I try to overtake.

Maybe I have just driven a bad example, but if this is not the case, how these cars are sold is a mystery to me.

11th Jan 2008, 16:17

It is probable that you have just gotten an abused hire car example.

In any case, I don't really think we should be using Citroen cars as a yardstick to measure up against.

I would never consider purchasing a Citroen!

13th Jan 2008, 14:51

Why is it that people see fit to review a car, on the basis of having driven a hire car for a few days? Hire cars are often abused by the people who drive them, and are (usually) poorly maintained. So how can a short period of driving in one of these cars constitute a valid review/review comment?

30th Jan 2008, 13:18

I owned a Lacetti for 18 months when I lived in the Sudan, Africa. Yes - Sudan. This car gave me 18,000 miles of hard African roads with no major problems at all. I did have to have the interior air filters cleaned every 2 months because of the Sahara desert coming in via the Air Con. I highly doubt this is an issue in Europe.

I had this vehicle imported from Korea to Africa because it was made by Daewoo. This made sense when you consider that Sudan is a major importer of Korean vehicles and parts are plentiful and cheap. Fortunately, this never became an issue. I sold the vehicle for $1000 less than I paid for it so depreciation was not much of a factor.

The vehicle drove nicely over the desert and the air blew cold as ice. The height clearance was sometimes an issue, but this is more of an infrastructure issue than a Lacetti issue.

I had cloth interior which was perfect for 45 degree days when the car was parked during the day. Leather and Vinyl seats are not recommended in the Sahara.

The engine I believe was made in Australia, the body was designed in Italy, the assembly was done in Korea. This vehicle is also rebadged as a Suzuki in the USA. It is a global car with global standards built into it.

My only real beef is the automatic running lights. The Sudanese military insist on drivers turning their lights off at night when they cross over bridges. This is due to prior US cruise missile attacks on Khartoum. Not a minor issue when confronted by soldiers yelling at you to turn your lights off. Again, not likely to be a problem on the streets of London.

It's a modern car at a good price backed by proven technology. In no way is this an innovative luxury Lexus, but in my experience, the vehicle did not fail me from A to B over some bloody rough driving conditions. Try doing that in an Audi in Africa.

30th Jun 2008, 07:08

I have seen metallic 1.6SX Lacetti estates 2007/57 plate with 5,000 miles advertised nationally at £6299 which seems very cheap. I assume that they are ex-hire and are likely to have been hated and thrashed by Audi/BMW drivers when forced upon them as accident repair garage courtesy cars or similar.

I have just had my first baby and the combination of size and Isofix and front/side airbags of the Lacetti make it appealing. The wisdom of buying diesel has gone with the current 12-15% premium over petrol prices likely to increase further, making petrol cars a sensible choice once again.

My big concern is the heavy road tax cost for 2008 of £260 and 2009 being £270. This is also likely to increase.

This combined with average 36mpg against a similarly priced 6,000 mile 2007/07 Vauxhall Astra 1.4 16V Club which averages 46mpg and has 2008 tax of £115, 2009 £120.

I think the Astra will be a much better choice-any views/comments?

1st Jul 2008, 17:16

Fair comment, but the boot size on the Lacetti SW is similar to the Astra and both cars were similar age and price.

On reflection, I cannot justify the road tax of the Lacetti SW as 2009 £260, 2010 £270, 2011 £300++? 36mpg average is very poor too. This will affect the resale too, as buyers of these cars buy them to save money over mainstream alternatives, although the cheap purchase price offsets this somewhat.

Not sure what to do as so many deals about due to credit crunch-I am now thinking that the cleanest, most fuel efficient and lowest tax band car would be the best idea in the long term, rather than the cheapest car to buy.

Perhaps I'll keep the current 118g/km £30 2009 road tax 58mpg small petrol car and just buy a roof box as it is only a larger boot that I need.

Thanks for your response.

9th Nov 2009, 12:40

This car is simply great. Actually this car is nothing but a Daewoo Lacetti. I have driven these cars in my country (India). They are great, the best one. Just go for it.

27th Apr 2010, 17:25

I've recently been driving my parents' Chevrolet Lacetti 1.6SX Estate (2005) while my antique Laguna has been off the road, and have found:

NO problems with gear change

NO problems with acceleration

NO problems with styling and interior

NO problems with remote range

NO problems with A/C

NO problems with noise at any speed

NO problems with fuel consumption

NO problems with comfort

It is one of the best cars I have driven (and I've driven a lot). I wish it was mine!

A hire car WILL drive like a one-legged donkey - their many drivers do not own them and most therefore do not care what damage they do by trying to drive them like a Ferrari.

If you treat a car with respect, it will serve you well.

30th Apr 2012, 11:04

Buying a used Lacetti, yes or no?