3rd Mar 2008, 10:06

Like you said, don't buy rental cars.

20th Feb 2009, 19:59

I'm the original author of this review.

UPDATE: Car is now at 90,000 miles. The "knock" I spoke was due to my sister driving the thing bone dry out of oil.. I added some Duralube engine treatment and a Lucas treatment later, and now it still has that lifter tap, but that goes away once again when the car warms up. SO glad I didn't scrap it, as I'd kind of jumped to conclusions there and thought it had a rod knock.

Just recently had to get the tranny swapped, but that's not the car's fault - Don't EVER go to those places where they send you a coupon in the mail for oil changes - they wrecked the tranny in my Lumina, my regular mechanic (only honest mechanic I know, shoulda gone to him in the first place) said the guys who did the coupon oil change must have jammed the car in drive while it was moving backward, or jammed it in park while it was moving forward, or something to that effect because the front tranny housing had a huge hole in it and the gears inside were sheared off.

Anyway so I jumped the gun a little with this bad review, guess my old Lumina still has a few more miles ahead of her if I baby her. Still ugly as sin with the paint coming off in chunks (seems to happen with all the white ones) and the damn cheap interior.

On a positive note, the stock sound system sounds EXCELLENT and the thing is built like a friggen tank in an accident - sister got T-boned in it pretty bad and it still runs like before, steering doesn't pull, and driver's door even still opens and shuts! Looks like hell though.

I will keep you guys updated, but YES I do recommend a Chevy Lumina now so long as it's not a previous rental (Like mine was!) and you get DAMN good maintenance records from the previous owner, cuz that's key. Thanks for reading.