16th Nov 2002, 23:11

I have a 1993 Z34 that I bought from my big sister 13 months ago. I have had to replace th timing belt at 75,000 miles (which I have heard is common). My sister had just had the belt replaced six months prior, but by a poor mechanic. I also had to put new power steering lines on in August. It wasn't cheap, but it is not a new car either. I bought my Z34 for $1000 less than book and it is paid for now. Even though I had to put some money into it, I still think I got a great deal. It gets good gas millage, it handles like a dream, and it's FAST! When it is time for a new car, I will still be keeping my Z34.

21st Nov 2002, 15:54

Do any of you know what to do to replace the braking problem with the Z34? I hate the fact that it takes me forever to stop, even when I slam on the brakes.

To the performance question, I have a custom intake ($80) and exhaust and tips ($200) on mine. Runs nice!

10th Jul 2003, 12:51

I've had my 1993 Z34 Lumina since 1994. I love my car and can't find another that I can even get interested in buying, but I now have to put a FOURTH alternator on this car, and it is not an inexpensive job to have done. Timing belt broke several years ago, which was an even LESS inexpensive repair, but overall (excluding the transmission re-build last year) I wouldn't say the repairs have been any worse than for any other car that's 10 years old. It's a decently-sized, sporty-looking car and I really enjoy driving it, not to mention that it's a nice, smooth ride. And yes, for a factory radio, it has a good one!

27th Jul 2010, 06:31

I bought my Z34 approximately 5 years ago. When I purchased the car it had never been winter driven. It was kept out of the elements so it has held its factory look really well. The interior is excellent.

The first thing that I had to do was replace one of the intake gaskets, a cheap one, the only problem was, four of the other gaskets had to be changed just to get to it. The car had sat for long periods without being started and the gasket cracked. It was a 500 dollar fix.

Since then I have replaced the normal stuff, a ball-joint, a battery and the tires.

This vehicle has been really good to me. I keep the fluids checked and detail it regularly. It runs perfect and has all kinds of power to pass at high speed.

It's hard to place a value on it and I couldn't replace it for the redbook price. What a deal for a seventeen year old car. So far I am quite pleased with it.