22nd Apr 2003, 09:49

I bought my 1995 Chevy Lumina used with 53,000 miles on it. In January 2003, I gave it to my mom to drive with over 203,000 miles on it and besides general maintenance, the only major repair I've had to do is the air conditioning system, I put used parts it and the total expense was less than $600. I loved the car so much, I purchased a 1999 Lumina to replace it!

Michele - Wisconsin.

30th Jun 2003, 21:59

I have a 95 Lumina. I bought it with about 42,000 miles on it in late 98. Within six months, the paint started coming off the hood and roof in sheets like paper. GM repainted them one at a time. Then the paint started coming off the sides and the fenders. GM told me it was a bad paint job, but it was out of warranty and my problem. I just rolled up 100,000 miles. Every piece of plastic on the interior is either warped, cracked or broken. I've had to replace door locks twice, and electronic window controls. Every time I take it in for an oil change, it needs some other "maintenance" work that runs $500 plus. I've had to replace the alternator, battery, etc. The AC doesn't register a leak, but has to have freon twice every summer. Now the fuel pump is on the fritz.

My father swore by his GM cars, but while I hesitate to use the "never" word, I really don't want another one.

1st May 2004, 22:13

I have a 1995 Lumina Van and have had nothing, but problems with it. It only has 90,000 miles on it and it jerks when you push on the gas to speed up. It has nickeled and dimed me to death ever since I bought it a couple of years ago. I would not and will not ever buy another Lumina van ever again because of the never ending trouble I have had with this van. I can't even leave town with this van because I can't trust it to get us from point A to point B, This van was to be used as a family get away car and we can depend on it for any fun get aways. Theresa.

5th Sep 2004, 18:03

I have had my 95 lumina sedan for about 6 yrs. It has been a great car. I have had to buy a alternator, and a water pump, but both were easy to do myself. The only major problem was the head gasket, to fix was around 400. Its been a great car.

8th Mar 2005, 10:09

When it comes to the lumina transmission, Correct general maintenance, and proper driving, they will last forever. Out of all of you who had tranny problems, did you ever change fluid? or tried keeping your foot out of it. the tranny in them are suppose to last forever with proper maintenance. Don't complain when the tranny goes out when you don't do the work that it needs.

10th Mar 2005, 18:13

95 Chevy Lumina.. I purchased this car from a young gentleman who inherited when his grandfather passed away. It had 64,000 miles on it and kept it up very well. I deliver mail for the USPS and that is my car for the job.

Shortly after I had the car the oil started to leak, then came the knocking, then the transmission. I have had the transmission replaced. Problem is the oil still leakes and the transmission has leaked all its fluid. Forgot to mention the knocking still exist. Anyone have advice?

31st Jan 2008, 02:52

I was given a 95 Lumina Sedan LS over a year ago. I'm 25 and at first didn't know much about cars. When I got the car it had most of the problems that it has now. I'm not sure what at what mileage everything went out due to the dashboard not working what so ever. The car has an exhaust leak, an oil leak, and lots of electrical problems. The paint is pealing and I'm pretty sure there are lots of problems I am still unaware of. Also when I got the car I had to replace the steering pump and lines on the car. The oil leak is coming from somewhere in the engine that I haven't been able to figure out yet. Even with all these problems the car has yet to break down completely. I've only spent about 1k on the car so far and plan to spend a little more fixing it myself. I may have to rebuild the engine.. but for an old clunker it sure does keep going just fine.