29th Mar 2004, 18:57

Let me start by saying we purchased our Lumina APV brand new in 1995 and we have loved it. We have had our share of minor problems. I replaced the front brakes twice, replaced the wiper motor the alternator, the water pump twice, the fan belt once, the tires once. There was a problem with it starting. After taking to a mechanic and spending over 300.00 dollars to have it fixed he still could not find the problem. I found that I had the wrong anti freeze in the radiator that interfered with one of the sensors somewhere on the motor. I replaced the anti freeze with Prestone and behold no more problems. The van runs and rides like new still. Just a small oil leak that comes from the intake manifold it is not too bad; just make a small mess in my driveway. I think that I will drive the van until it drops. I wish they still made these.

17th Nov 2006, 12:11

To the person whom left the long comment directed to the reviewer and Lise. Thank You! It's nice to see other realistic driver's on the road who take care of their cars as well as their pockets. I have never had any luck with GM, Ford, or any new car dealership service to any of the vehicles I've owned. And I've owned everything from Geo Metro's to 78 Town Cars to a brand new Navigator and almost everything in between, I could make list if you wanted. I always do my research and throughly inspect my vehicles before I purchase them. I have my mechanic which I've known since I was 18 (He was only 25 so it's easy to get along with him too) ; Mind you I'm a little older now. I have owned a 95 Lumina APV; with all the bells and whistles (even the short lived power sliding door option) and I honestly only change wear and tear items. I bought the van as a 1 yr old demo model and drove it 285,000 KMS which was when I gave it to my son to tinker with and do whatever. They are also the safest minivan I've owned; only vehicle I've had that's been in an accident as well. My son was rear ended by an 18-wheeler doing 110kmh (approx 65mph) and although the van was totalled my son came out with only minor scratches and bruises. I highly recommend these vans to anyone looking for a good family van get one, just make sure its been taken care of.

27th Apr 2009, 16:05

Good advice. I would LOVE to find a reliable, competent, honest independent mechanic. But I may as well look for a unicorn too, it would be easier to find.

27th Jun 2010, 19:30

I purchased a 1993 Pontiac Transport (3.8 L engine) several years ago, that had 210,000 miles on it for $600. I knew both of the previous owners, and knew the van was exceptionally well maintained. It now has 294,100 miles on it, and it never needed any major repairs. I had to replace brake pads, rotors, and shoes. Also the water pump, alternator, and starter failed. I do my own repair work.

This van still runs great, but was recently broadsided at an intersection by an elderly driver who couldn't see me. I liked this van so much, that I just replaced it with a 1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV, essentially the same thing, but 2 years younger (same engine and transmission). It has 177,000 miles on it, and I expect to get many more miles out of it. I am now going over it doing preventative and corrective maintenance as needed.