1994 Chevrolet Metro from North America


Cute and cheap

General Comments:

I love my 1994 Geo Metro. This car hasn't given any problems at all. We had to buy a new battery and got the timing belt changed at 60,000 miles.

My car is fun to drive, easy to park and gets 44 miles per gallon of gas. The car is real good for around time traveling. On the interstate people pass by you like you are standing still, even if you are going 70 mph. I guess it is just human nature to want to show the "little guy" that you can pass them up. No problem, I just laugh at them when they go to the gas pump. I pass right on by and keep going. I think my car is cute. My friends call it the M&M car because it is kinda lime green.

I am not driving a Rolls Royce, but I still will get to the same place that the Rolls is going. I am a down to earth kind of person and I drive a down to earth car.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2006

17th Feb 2006, 14:33

If you want to save on gas, metro is the way to go. Anyone who couldn't stand to be seen in, will be laughed at while at the gas station.

Myself, I wouldn't be caught dead in a minivan...