1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 350 bored to a 383 from North America


Nice car stock... a beast customized


Blew the radiator within the first hour I owned it! I just had to race that Civic and do those donuts.

Was tough to find parts to restore it and customise it.

Bad roads = flat tires.

When I first bought it, it had rust, no rear bumper, and no working gauges.

General Comments:

Maybe I'm being biased cause I've full blown hotroded it, but this thing is a BEAST! Even in stock form it was fast. I would guess I had it up to about 140 kmp/h. With no working gauges it was hard to tell.

The cloth seats were awesome, but two-ton leather is nice. The front and rear bench would be great for camping... too bad I threw them out once I got home.

I did buy this car from an actual pimp, so you can guess why they went. I bored and stroked the 350. Nows it's a 383 with a pro-charger. Dynoed at 702 at the crank. The air ride kit does magic for the handling compared to stock. It rode well enough, but felt a little floaty and unresponsive.

The shape is wicked except for the stock bumpers. I reshaped those, but otherwise nice lines.

It's still hard to parallel park, even with a rear camera... but then again I'm horrible at parking.

All in all I'd call it one of the nicer (both stock and custom) car's I've owned. It gets attention and questions everywhere it goes, and will kill any poser in an import. Top speed so far: 178 kmp/h. I didn't feel comfortable enough to push it any further. It's no Ferrari, but man is it sweet.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2005

1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo S coupe 350 from North America


Heavy Chevy that is low on power, but large on comfort!


Need paint bad.

Rusting problems

(when I bought it) fixed now.

Front seat has rip in it.

Vapor lock problems with gas lines.

General Comments:

Great car for a driver/sleeper. Always starts up cold or hot. It has responsive steering, Low on HP, but makes up for it with handling. Have comfortable seats with plenty of leg room and stretching room. Great car for the prices they are selling at right now, much safer than a new car in accidents! Has a LARGE trunk with room for almost anything you could throw at it, has room for 6 passengers.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2002