2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS 3.4 liter V6 from North America


Looks great, but falls short everywhere else


A/C doesn't work well. Mechanic can't fix it, just doesn't blow cold.

Seat belt buckle stopped coming back up when you remove the seat belt, so I have to click it again with my hand.

Radio controls already showing signs of wear after only 1 1/2 years of age.

Brakes needed replaced after 20k miles

CD player is moody and sticks sometimes, won't allow a CD to be placed in.

General Comments:

Car handles horribly- can you say oversteer?, acceleration is very weak and hesitant, not fun on windy road. I thought it would drive slightly better than the 05 Impala, but no, exact same. If you want a "sporty" car with no backseat then get a Mustang or a Cobalt (if you want to stay in the GM family).

Interior is designed poorly- getting to the backseat is an armbreaker & not fit for much more than grocery space, windows allow snow/water to poor directly onto the seats when opened.

Exterior- For whatever reason I think I got the only 05 Monte w/o a sidestrip. So Murphy's law took over and within a month of having the car someone slammed their car door into it leaving a silver dollar sized swirl. I love the nascar inspired spoiler (too bad its not RWD that needs a spoiler).

Trunk- there's a trunk? yeah... it will hold your spare, a first aid kit and two bags of groceries.

Moon roof- I love this part of the car, very smooth controls and perfect for cool summer days, not too noisy.

Gas Mileage- The 3.8 liter gets better gas mileage than this 3.4. I don't care what the EPA says. My parents have a 05 Impala with the 3.8 and they get around 28 mpg. I get 22-23 with this car. I think the smaller engine has to work harder to get this relatively large car moving. So don't let fuel mileage be a determining factor with this vehicle.

Bottom line: Hate FWD, wish I had 4-doors if the cars going to handle like this, needs ice cold A/C, gas mileage sucks for such a dinky engine. Styling is awesome.

*Disclaimer: I am very biased towards RWD vehicles, I personally have not liked any FWD car I have ever driven and I used to test drive cars for a living. Which goes back to the disappointing handling. There is a reason every racecar in the world is RWD. I also prefer manual trans and a V-8 but hey, I bought the car for my wife and it somehow ended up mine.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006

18th Jul 2006, 20:20

Wow you bought the wrong car. You can get an 8 in the Monty. A FWD with an over-steer problem. Hummmm. The trunk is small. Man they must ship us in Canada a totally different car here. The Impala and Monty Carlo handle the same, Well they are built on the same platform. That might be it eh...