21st Feb 2007, 14:20

I have owned a 2000 Monte Carlo SS since new. Its been trouble free motoring until today. I took it in and found out that the lower intake manifold gasket needs replacing and I've lost all my coolant. The car only has 135,000 Kms on it. I contacted GM Canada customer service as I have discovered this is a known issue. I was told that because my car is more than 5 years and 100,000 kms I was out of luck and GM would not assist in the repairs. There is currently a class action lawsuit against GM for these intake gaskets. Have yours checked regularly.

28th Feb 2007, 18:58

I had a 2001 Monte Carlo ss and it was a great car. Then the transmission started slipping. I called gm. they said there is nothing we can do for you. I have bought many cars from gm and now they will be losing my business.

26th Apr 2007, 20:08

I have a 2001 Monte Carlo LS. I have been pretty satisfied with my purchase, but it seems as time goes by and the mileage goes up more problems arise. The first was the defect in the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets, which GM is completely aware of and will do nothing to take care of the problem at no cost. The gaskets were made of a material which in contact with DEXCOOL will start to break down and cause the coolant and oil to mix. You will notice the coolant level to drop and nothing apparently leaking, sometimes the oil will drop too. You will notice a gel build up in the radiator and the cap. You must replace those gaskets or your engine will fail do to water and oil mixing. Most of the time when I see this problem cars are at 75,000+ miles and are no longer under warranty. I changed my gaskets out myself and saved around $1000. Also changed out the thermostat coolant and radiator cap, since then I had no problem with my coolant or oil level being low, and my coolant looks brand new. You must get the new design gaskets, which is all they carry at the dealerships now, and new intake manifold bolts.

Now I am having problems with my traction control system. I talked to a couple people with the same problem and it seems to be a problem with the sensor. I am hoping someone might know for sure because I can replace most parts, but don't want to replace things that are not necessary. I was once told one of my front bearings were damaged when I went to have an allignment done, but there is no free play in either of my front wheels. I would appreciate any advise.

5th Aug 2007, 17:18

I have a 2000 Monte Carlo SS. I purchased it with 79,000 miles at a GM dealership. During test drive I noticed the cruise control didn't work at all. Two days later I had trouble keeping it running. Being that I was in the dealer's 30 day Warranty, they had to fix the car. They determined that I had a bad transmission and I was told that the whole thing was replaced with GM parts. I've been virtually trouble free for the last 4 years and (50,000 miles). The car now has approximately 138,000 miles. The cruise control has started dropping off over the last few days. I'll be driving along and it quits. It can be reset and will hold. Then it will work for a few days and do it all over again. It's very sporadic. I guess I'm just waiting for the tranny to give up again... Not sure I'll be GM loyal this time around. This was my 8th GM vehicle.

15th Aug 2007, 23:23

I bought a Monte Carlo LS new in 2000. It ran good for about three years, and then things started happening. First just little things such as the radio antenna contact coming loose from the back window. Then I noticed the transmission shifted hard, but it never slipped, so I figured I would change the fluid. This helped until just about 3 months ago. The transmission started whining and slipping, and changing hard. We drove the car to Charlotte, NC (about 2 hours) and I didn't think we would make it back home. I took it to my mechanic. He said it was the pump in the transmission. That would explain the whining. To replace the transmission with a used one would be about 1200-1400. He also said to be prepared to change the lower intake manifold gaskets at some point, at a cost of 600-800.

Well as good as my wife loved this car, I could not see this.

The car only has 87000 miles on it. I don't understand why GM can't do better than this. With a sticker price of 23500, I think I deserved better. Oh yeah (glutton for punishment)?

We traded for a 2007 GMC Envoy.

10th Sep 2007, 16:40

The transmission in my 00 SS started shifting hard around 38K miles. GM wouldn't do anything about it. I ended up paying ~$600 to have a solenoid replaced, and that fixed the problem. I have also had to replace the keyless entry receiver twice. Love the ride and handling, but Chevy went cheap on the interior.

21st Sep 2007, 10:21

I'm having the same problem with a 2003 Monte Carlo. It winds and revs through the gears? Transmission or solenoid? While only getting up to 30 mph... What a lemon; never again.

29th Sep 2007, 23:03

My 2000 Monte Carlo SS started alerting me on the traction control system about 8000 miles ago. It used to go off every 3 weeks for 3 days straight, then stop. Then the alarm was on daily for 3 weeks, then stopped for three weeks, and now is back on for the third day again. The service place says the code shows right front...loose wire... wire is fine... I have to replace the sensor for $500,and that might not stop it.

Called Chevy...again. Winter is coming, I guess if I want to drive the snows I have to have traction... car only has 87,000 miles on it... maybe I'll get a winter vehicle...frustrating...

5th Dec 2007, 19:57

Have a 2000 Monte Carlo SS. Had the transmission go at 165,000 KMS. Replaced it and now it's going again (missing 3rd gear completely. It's at 315,000 KMS.

This isn't a great car no matter what chev says.

No wonder Toyota is moving into the number 1 spot.

2nd Feb 2008, 15:12

I own a 2000 SS with 118,000 miles. I bought the car used five years ago with 45,000 on it. Although the Traction Control and ABS lights have been on for two years, I passed Virginia State inspection twice. This time it failed. The ABS module and pump need to be replaced at a cost of $1300. I've driven it with no problem (I knew someone would soak me if I asked them to give me an estimate on fixing it), but now it won't pass. This was discovered when I brought it in for a $39.99 wheel alignment, which cost me $700 because I had to replace the original equipment struts as well. Oh, and strut mounts ($100 each.) I know I can't complain since I have spent virtually nothing on the car in five years. Still...ouch!! It's now $1,900 to bail the car out.