4th Jun 2009, 19:23

I have a 2003 Monte Carlo SS. Just a few months ago it starting shifting hard. My cousin is a master tech, but does not deal with trans. He was aware that they have solenoid problems.

He told me to take it to their trans shop that they recommend, but told me it might be wise to replace it with a jasper trans known to be way better, since I'm thinking of keeping the car and also that it has over a hundred thou on it.

I've had not had many problems with it besides replacing some oil every now and again, and pads and rotors and regular oil changes. I do know of the problem of the string shaft, but no biggie. But now I'm also hearing a whining noise mainly when I'm turning.

I'm wondering if it is the trans or something with steering. I'm a die hard GM fan and had lots of their cars from old to new with no major problems. If I knew of all the problems with Monte's, I would have stayed away from them. Any one with insight for the whining noise, it would be helpful thanks.

25th Jul 2009, 17:58

Wow... everyone else too... I own a 2001 Monte Carlo SS... I think I overpaid for it to begin with, but nonetheless, my problems started the first 2 years I had the car, with whines in the rear end and a loss of power around corners.. Mechanic told me that the car's steering column had never been oiled or greased, that it had come off the assembly line this way. 1500.00 to pull the column, ran great for about 2 years, and then it started in again with the hard turns and rough gear changes.

At this point it's sitting in the driveway due to the last episode in which it nearly stranded me, loss of power, couldn't steer it, just afraid to hear the $ news on it... I'll probably set it free to the highest bidder for parts... and guess what? I'm on here because my husbands friend has the same car 2005 model with every exact problem... right down to the broke directionals... good luck everyone... trade em.. if you got it.

22nd Sep 2009, 02:23

I am so glad I read this. I was literally gonna go buy one tomorrow, a 2000 SS with 160000 miles for $4900, but I'm afraid I'm gonna spend more on it than I buy it for.

2nd Oct 2009, 14:28

I have a 2003 Monte Carlo SS. I have this whining when I drive it. Can anyone tell me what that is?

6th Oct 2009, 10:59

I have a 2000 Monte Carlo SS that has over 219,000 miles on it. I bought the car in the beginning of 2006 for $7500. I believe now that I overpaid for the car with 112k on it, but I love my Monte Carlo.

The check engine light has always been on, but since it runs good, I never worried about it.

I have had to replace the mass airflow sensor a couple times. The car would shake and rattle if there was any moisture in the air, and it would just die at stop lights for no reason. After that was replaced, the crank shaft position sensor went out, and that cost about $500 to replace along with the catalytic converter.

Now it is using coolant and it hasn't been diagnosed whether it is the water pump or if it's the intake manifold. Either way, I can't see ever getting rid of this car. It has about one major problem a year, and I think it's well worth it.

The car is built like a tank and makes it through snow higher than the bumper, a rear-end accident, killing 3 deer, and a psycho ex boyfriend who smashed it all to hell. It's still in wonderful condition after some body work and the interior is mint. I'm sorry to see that some of you have had so many problems with your MC's. I love mine!

25th Oct 2009, 07:51

I purchased a 2001 Monte Carlo SS used with about 60000 miles on it and it was problems from the start with tonnes of loose wiring connections, engine power lose which was the catalytic converter and now at 70000 miles the transmission has died. I changed the tranny fluid twice in that time because I was told it didn't look good, then the hard shifts and slips started until it just finally broke loosing 3rd gear and reverse. I wish I had seen this page before that purchase, after 8 months with a GM I will never make that mistake again.

3rd Nov 2009, 16:05

Well, I have a MC 2005 with about 60000 and noticed some hard shift on the 2nd and 3rd gear. Took it to a local shop and I was told the code was 1810 but the guy gave me an explanation for an 1811 code. In the long run the cost to repair it is $1200. Also, I had problems with the Odometer that went crazy and it stopped working shortly after the warranty had expired. I love MC and this is the second one I have. However, I'm really disappointed now.

4th Nov 2009, 15:33

I bought a 2001 Monte Carlo SS with only 72,000, garage kept, maintained as it was supposed to be, in Feb 2009. In July the transmission shifted real hard a couple of times, then all of a sudden, wouldn't shift at all. I took it to be repaired, $1000 later stripped 4th gear completely, drove it for 4 days, and it started doing it again, the mechanic told me to bring it back, took it back and it wouldn't do the shifting hard thing until after it has been driven for 40-50 miles, which he was only test driving it a couple of miles. Long story short, he works out of his home garage, builds racecars, definitely knows what he is doing, now knows what's wrong with it after calling GM about it and how to fix it... I only have to pay for the parts. But I still am trading it in, NO MORE GM PRODUCTS FOR ME!!!

29th Jan 2010, 20:43

You can always buy a Toyota! ;-)

My 2004 Monte Carlo occasionally shifts hard, but seems okay after it sits over night or what have you. I'm guessing the transmission issue is going to eventually hit me in the wallet.

This car also has a bad intermediate shaft in the steering column, which I figure will have to stay as it's not a big problem.

I have had a leak where the water pump meets the engine, and went to the local GM dealership and purchased the small pellets that you basically crumble up, stick in the radiator and the leak stops for about 6-8 months. Believe me, these pellets work great and I understand that GM use to put them in any new vehicles that rolled off the assembly line when a leak was noticed.

I also have an intermittent problem with the car NOT starting. I will turn the key over, and nothing! It doesn't matter whether it is cold, wet, hot, etc. it just happens. My solution to this is simple. I turn the key over to the "accessory" setting, then turn it back to the "on" position and let the key set in this position for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the car will start up immediately and I am down the road and back in business. I suspect that this problem is in the security interlock system of the vehicle, and I have seen this evident on the Internet from other vehicle owner complaints. This happens in other GM vehicles and is not exclusive to the Monte Carlo. I did hear that this repair would take about $400 to change out the security module on the engine, but the heck with that, as I'm trading this puppy in for a 2009 Impala!

This is a beautiful car otherwise, and I have enjoyed the ride, the good looks, and for the most part, I have been worry free.