1971 Chevrolet Nova 350 from North America


I like it


The seats were worn out.

It wasn't drivable when I bought, so I had to spend about $1000 in repairs before I could drive it.

The starter went bad in 1998.

The engine died at 160,000 miles. The timing chain came off and ruined the engine.

A carburetor went out in 2002, but it was a low quality rebuild.

General Comments:

With stock components it can get decent gas mileage and power. Mine has gotten up to 20 mpg on the highway with a 3 speed automatic.

These are great cars for people who like to drive old cars. They are relatively light, easy to work on, and stock parts are easy to get since they interchange with so many other GM vehicles.

In stock condition they are very reliable, it has been a daily driver for most of the time I've owned it and it is also my long distance driver.

It is a joy to drive on the highway, there is nothing like going on a road trip with a V8 in a light car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th August, 2005