1975 Chevrolet Nova S 5.7 V8 from North America


Restore one!


Really just a battery cable, and it leaks tons of tranny fluid, but that's because the guy that had it before put in a different dip stick.

General Comments:

I bought the car to restore, it only has 28000 miles, but it was pretty rough from sitting and the interior was rotted, so I gutted the whole thing and I am going to put some nice custom features such as a billet grille and some 22" rims.

I am gonna get rid of the dummy lights and buy a rally gauge kit. I basically found a good running car and I am gonna put 6000 into it to make it nice. I am going to paint it maroon like it should be and just have it as a classic muscle car. Sure beats a little beat up 93 Corsica that was for sure a piece.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2007

11th May 2007, 09:28


Don't know where to start, but I have a 1975 chevy nova that needs to be restored, but I am trying to sell it and don't know how much to ask for it. Could you help me with providing any websites or anything that I can check into to find the value of this car? Thanks for any feedback you can give me!

1975 Chevrolet Nova 4 door sedan 250 CID inline-six from North America


An inexpensive family style muscle car


The battery and alternator quit at 58,000 miles.

The battery cables had to be replaced at 59,000 miles.

The heater core was rusted out when I bought the car.

The window washer pump never worked until recently.

Rust was starting to appear in some places.

General Comments:

This car was surprisingly quick for having a smaller engine, due to the low weight of the car itself.

The car handles excellent, considering its larger size.

The bench seats were very comfortable, except in summer with no air conditioning.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2003