2006 Chevrolet Optra from North America


Unreliable and weird issues with electricals



Starter and ignition issues.

Quirky issues with electricals.

Wears brakes fast.

General Comments:

I am looking to get rid of this car ASAP. I have had it for only a year, and it has been nothing but a problem. Lemon.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2010

24th Jan 2011, 00:24

Re: Starter and ignition issues.

I have been having starter/ignition issues for almost 3 years now, and GM has consistently been telling me that no one else has reported this issue in regards to the Optra.

24th Jan 2011, 15:46

You probably already know this, but this car is not a Chevrolet. It is a rebadged Daewoo, and used to be sold in the U.S. as the Suzuki Forenza. It destroyed Suzuki's reputation, and didn't exactly help Chevrolet's.

2006 Chevrolet Optra GT 2.0 from North America


Very expensive to operate


Steering problems repaired twice.

2 recalls for electrical problems.

Car alarm kept going off for no reason - repaired twice.

Car eats more gas than my husband's Cadillac, my friend's Hummer and another friend's large Nissan Altima.

General Comments:

I was totally blindsided by how much gas this car uses. I have a 55 litre tank and I only get around 250 km in town and very little better on the highway. Was told it was economical, and when I complained, was told it would get better at 10,000 km, and when I hit that mark, was told to wait until 20,000 km. Now, I am at 25,000 km and the gas consumption is worse than when it was new.

I will never buy a GM product again.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2010

26th Jul 2011, 00:11

There must be something terribly wrong with your car. Either there is a hole in the gas tank, the car odometer is wrong, or you drive it in second gear on the highway.

I have 2 Optra's. An 06 for myself and an 04 for my daughter, and we both average about 26 mpg combined city and highway.

2006 Chevrolet Optra from North America


I wouldn't drive another Optra if it was given to me


Seat stitching came undone.

Bolts on back bumper were wearing through the bumper.

Gears got stuck in park and were hard to release, especially in the middle of an intersection.

Radio didn't work, but was replaced.

Windshield had broken seal and leaked. Many other problems I can't recall.

General Comments:

This car handled well, especially in corners. Very good on gas. Lots of room to haul stuff.

The seats were not comfortable for a longer drive.

I only had this car for three years, but had constant problems. As soon as my warranty ran out, I bought a new car. The dealership did all they could to help me, including a good deal on a new car. Every time I had repairs I was sent a questionnaire from Chevrolet Headquarters. I filled them out faithfully, but I really doubt it does much good.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2010

2006 Chevrolet Optra LS 2.0 litre 16v from North America


It is the worst car I have ever owned


The car doesn't really have much power, especially when you have to punch the gas to move quickly or pass another vehicle.

It is good for highway driving, however the gas mileage is not that good compared to other four cylinder cars.

It has a bad vibration from the plastic panel on the bottom of the front of the car. It is also very loud and annoying to listen to.

I have taken this car into mechanics and they just don't want to work on them, as they have a sealed transmission, and they tell me they are not a good car and to sell it ASAP if I can get rid of it.

It does not run very well in the Alberta winters, as is will stall in the middle of the road, even if I warm it up for half an hour in gear.

Out of nowhere, it is now hesitating quite badly while driving on the highway, or when you take off from a stop light. It's like there is no power and then it starts again. Not safe at all.

The car goes from 2500 RPMS to 5000 on the highway and in town with no power at all. It just revs...???

General Comments:

I thought I had made a great purchase when I bought this car, but I feel I have made a mistake. No one wants to look at it, and there are no books on this car to get information if you want to fix it yourself.

I'm disappointed in this car overall, because after two years of me being the only driver, and haven't traveled other than to work and home really, its performance is extremely poor quality.

If I could get my money back, I would. I am sick to death of people shaking their heads, and they won't even look at the car. I wasted my good hard earned money.

I will never buy a Chevy again, as I feel very ripped off. I work in a very large establishment and have told everyone I know to buy any GM products, especially Optras, Cobalts, etc, not a very well made vehicle at all.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2009