7th Jan 2009, 15:59

I have a Chevrolet Optra (2004 model) and I have attained a total of 39,000km to date. The problem now is "Why does my Chevrolet Optra jerk if I hover between 75-80kmhr?" My service centre seems not to know the answer. A useful suggestion to address this problem is welcome. Please your suggestion to adeniranshola@yahoo.com.

Thank you.

28th Mar 2009, 00:38

I'm very interested in Chevy Optra since the last two months. And after I looked at their prices, around 35k something, it's not bad. But what is really bare in my mind is their fuel consumption and other mechanical issues... My previous car is Kancil... don't have any experience with above 1000 cc cars... any suggestion or idea? Maybe can install hydrogen stuff to reduce the fuel consumption?

Anything can email me @ ayie_mcd@yahoo.com.

16th Apr 2009, 00:56

Does anyone has a problem with the car alarm going off by itself?

It happened 4 days in a row...

I also experience the inaccurate fuel gauge problem...

Overall very stable, quiet car to drive... Spacious but what a guzzler...

21st Apr 2009, 15:57

I too just started having my alarm go off for no reason... started yesterday, and been going off all day today (Apr 21/09)... anyone else have this issue and/or know what is going on??

13th May 2009, 10:53

I also have been having issues with the alarm going off for no reason. The dealer believes a sensor is gone and estimates it to be around $250 to fix...

12th Jun 2009, 03:00

I have an Optra 1.6 manual... done 55000k and 3.6 years old... car did real well for the first 2 years or so (was under warranty then)... soon after that things started going wrong... headlights constantly burning out, tails lights a disaster, fuel gauge faulty, petrol leak on filling of fuel, brake pads worn out at 30000k (shocking) etc etc.

The biggest shocker came when the oil pump failed at 50000k... along with the oil pump went the timing belt, a few valves, timing tensioner & a polish of the crankshaft required ( total cost of Rs 80000) ...

Can you believe this!!! For a first hand owner driven car, not doing more than 30 km a day city driving, such was the mayhem...

PLEASE PLEASE do not attempt buying GM cars... Japanese cars might be smaller & lighter but they are bloody good on performance & after sales... and most important they deliver PEACE OF MIND... a statement which I guess is unknown to GM.

14th Jul 2009, 08:53

I purchased a 2004 Chevy Optra 5. After 100,000k the wiper motor went. The keyless entry no longer beeps when it locks. The clutch servo went which meant that the clutch also needed to be repaired. The repair costs are outrageous as all the parts had to come from GM. The maintenance of the timing belt was another shocker. The cost of a water pump was $360.00 as compared to most around $60.00. We saved money on this car at purchase but after all these repairs it would have been smarter and about the same price to buy a Toyota. This car is made in Korea. I will NEVER buy GM again.

21st Jul 2009, 10:56

I have a 2004 Optra, presently transmission fluid seems to be leaking. Any problems with the transmission?

17th Aug 2009, 12:43

I purchased an Optra 5 in April 2006 and my warranty has just expired (April 09). I have had constant issues with the transmission jumping and despite several visits to GM dealers no one had any answers to fixing it. Now with no warranty the problem persists and the check engine light is almost always on (although sometimes goes out for a day or two!).

My alarm is intermittently going on and off - stays on for about a minute than shuts itself off, sometimes several times a day - seemingly for no reason. I've been standing across the parking lot at work and seen this happen with nothing / no one even remotely close to my car.

Also the gas mileage is pathetic and I seem to be burning out headlights by the week. There is obviously some electrical defect in the make but no one will take responsibility for it.

I have found both GMAC and the dealership where I purchased my vehicle completely unhelpful and can't wait to get out of my car. Problem is that there is NO resale value to this pile of fiberglass.

31st Aug 2009, 19:00

For those of you who are having a problem with the alarm constantly going off.

The problem is that the sensor for the hood being properly closed is worn a little. All I did was took one of those round sticky pads that you put on the bottom of chair legs, onto the hood where the sensor pushes onto. This way the sensor is pushed down more securely.

It's a small rubber spring that you'll find right in front of you when you open the hood on the right hand side.

19th Jan 2010, 16:22

2004 Optra5 - I've read the previous comments and find that the only consistent one is the transmission jerking. This is resolved at the dealership service shop with a software update. There is likely nothing wrong with your transmission. As for the anything to do with the alarm, it is likely one of the sensors at any one of the doors or hood triggering this. As for ours, it hasn't experienced any issues but for a frozen windshield wiper line for the rear washer. -40 degree weather will do that. The only operating complaint I have is with the suspension bushings creaking in cold weather. Aside from this, I'm completely satisfied.

22nd Jan 2010, 23:41

I have a 2007 Optra LT Wagon, and I find the transmission is slipping intermittently, but when I take it in to the dealer, they can never find the problem. This problem started about 6 months ago, and is still not fixed yet.

28th May 2010, 17:13


I have read all the above comments, and I recently bought a used 2006 Optra wagon, and the same as a few other people, recently, during shifting, such as going from P to R, etc, the transmission jerks or clunks, and the on dash computer system flashes. Then the check engine light comes on. It eventually turned off, then today it came on again. The car runs perfect other than this. No engine overheating at all.

So I am really hoping someone who said this is a computer problem or needs a software update is right, because this car only has 60000km on it, so it's unlikely this is the tranny itself! Hopefully!

Anyone have any ideas if this could be my problem?! Thanks!

30th Sep 2010, 15:15

I bought a 2007 Chevrolet Optra 1.8 auto in 2008. About two years ago, I noticed that the HOLD light comes on sometimes when I engage the reverse gear. The forward gears would not change thereafter. Nobody seems to know what to do about this problem.

2nd Oct 2010, 17:16

We have a 2004 Chevy Optra... Has anyone had issues with sudden acceleration, my son was driving 30 kph on a stone road, suddenly the engine accelerated on its own, and the brakes wouldn't stop the car, causing my son to lose control, and hit a parked car, even after hitting the car, and being completely stopped, the car tires continued to spin, and dug a hole in the road. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but my son was charged with reckless driving, because the officer didn't believe the story.