25th Aug 2005, 02:25

Yes I do agree that "pinging" is due to the fact that the timing of the car is off or temperature is high, timing might be too advance, but since my car is an automatic and dealer said that it's the computer that self-adjust the timing... if it's too advance it will reverse/retard it a little and vice-versa. So why do I still hear that pinging sound up the hill and even on a flat surface? Is it because the car is too heavy and under powered? Kindly check your optra if the air-con compressor cuts off because mine doesn't.Even if you set your thermostat at the heater position, the compressor clutch is still engaged... more load on the engine and of course.. higher fuel consumption.

14th Sep 2005, 16:05

I have the 1.6 LS manual model purchase Sept 2003 in PH. The battery went kaput also and was replaced by dealership in Shaw Blvd. I am not too happy with the service in QA nor Shaw, thanks for recommending North EDSA. Yes the engine jerks a lot also AFTER SHIFTING, it is funny a comment was to use higher octane. The service guy in QA specifically instructed to use lowest octane fuel available. Will try Shell Velocity or Higher Octane gas now.

6th Oct 2006, 21:18

I have an Optra wagon which is only about 8 months now. It's done 9 thousand kilometers, without any accident, knuckling and creaking appeared on the car's under-chassis. The dealership tried fixing it for a week. unsuccessful, the problem was turned over to the main office in Makati. They were doing hammering and welding on the other panels, would you believe it? A brand new car was being worked on like it was an owner type jeep? And to sum it all, it took them about a month to fix it. But now, the car drives differently, it feels unsafe at high speeds. And due to the many shop repair days, the car has succumbed to a lot of scratches. What is worse is that they are so slow to act on the problem. Now, I will be asking them to replace the car when it recurs. I would not want to sacrifice my safety with the car, and I wouldn't allow them to make me live with a lemon without sharing this with you. I'll update you guys.

16th Oct 2006, 17:43

Hi Guys, I am back in Manila for work on a contract. I wrote to you about My Optra's underchassis panels breaking loose. Before I left for Toronto, I thought that GM eliminated the problem because when they delivered the car, the creaking and knuckling was not there. Unfortunately guys, when I got back, I found out that the problem is back again. What's worse is that all the while I thought that the only problem now is how to addressed poor customer service in GM Philippines. But now, since the problem recurred, it just goes to say that for 3- 4 times of being subjected to repairs, GM Philippines was not really able to eliminate the problem. Now, I have asked them to replace the unit ASAP since I have already given them ample time to get it repaired. I'll update you guys. I just want you to think 100 times before you think of buying an Optra because the same people will handle your problem in case you get into one. The Brand may be good, but if you encounter such problems, they'll hammer your car like an assembled truck do think before you buy.