20th Mar 2007, 08:47

The Chevrolet I bought in April 2004 was first “nice” to handle on the road, its’ suspension feel much better then the local car and still is. Of cause one must expect it to be, at the initial price then and the automotive features not found in others. However, the nightmare begin when the engine timing start to fluctuate inconsistently with the idling speed of the engine.

I got it service by the Chevrolet technical team that came in from K. L just so happen that they were in J. B as the vendor mentions it, but that did not solve the problem. Only later it was noted that, since the car is fully “wired”, any kink in the circuiting system would cause intermittent impulse to any of the connection causing the engine to run on a “war path”.

The solution then was to strip all the wiring harness again and straighten any kink in the layout, well that did some good for a while. Now since then, the same problem is lingering back. But this time the engine check indicator light won’t goes off after the engine is started.

My goodness what a fright, can you imagine in the middle of perhaps between Bandar Muazzam to Negeri Sembilan should the car break down, ever pass through that route before a night or the north south highway? What then? Bye-bye amigos. There goes your BUCK.

Another visit to the mechanic discovered the wiring harness – wiring itself plus the insulation coating have frayed???, - what just got it like two years ago the wiring starting to crippple. Imagine in another 2 year to come, I wonder what connection should I supplement then, we should know best – the Malaysia boleh attitude. Any thing can as long it works.

I am contemplating, getting rid of the harness now an refurbished it with a BMW harness of course this take some thinking, but since the making of an entrepreneur is in all of us there no harm in practice (– ta..da…) perhaps this will solve all Chevrolet car engine from going into a WAR PATH itself. CrazyCar.

14th Apr 2007, 06:39

I'm considering Optra5 and I heard from my friend that, there might be spare part concern whereby Chevrolet spare parts are very hard to find and ~2x more expensive compared to Japanese car. Appreciate if existing Chevrolet Optra car owner can comment on this. Thanks.

8th Dec 2007, 07:38

I have an 04 Optra5 with 38,000 kms on it. Overall I am quite happy with the car, with the exception of the tires! The only thing I wish I had gotten on the car is ABS, as with the 4 wheel disc brakes, combined with the awful factory tires, it is like a skateboard on snow.

The headlights are fantastic, great distance, I plan on getting the same style of bulb changed over in my 04 Montana.

I would recommend it as a commuter car.