28th Sep 2007, 18:37

I have the 2004 Optra and love it! I've had no problems at all other than the recall, but that is to be expected froma new model. The only complaint I have is with the tires. I have leased it for only 3 years and had to replace the tires already. The car handles very poorly in the winter, but I can't blame the Optra for that - it's just poor quality dealership tires. I would definitely recommend the Optra!

5th Oct 2007, 23:11

I don't have a problem owning Chevrolet Optra 1.8LT.Except wear and tear.

I used an expensive automatic gear oil imported from GM Germany because it is much better.

The ZF gearbox only for 1.8 model is good enough for cruising. I am confident with the gearbox as it is a well known gearbox for other luxury cars.

However surprisingly in the service manual, there is no indication servicing braking system.Only change the brake fluid. I am not comfortable with this service. I insist re grease the braking system to avoid calipers jammed.

5th Mar 2008, 08:16

December 2004 Chevrolet OPTRA - Philippines.

MILEAGE: 24TKMS (slightly used and it really looks brand new)


-- for 2 years, service is free for change oil as part of GM promo

-- I upgraded my engine oil to fully synthetic from a regular oil

Issues/Problems encountered:

* the time I reached 18tkms, my fuel pump got busted

* almost once a year I have to replace either my park light, headlight, brake lights

* my caliper stocked up both rear calipers.

How would you recommend this to your friends or family/

17th Aug 2008, 12:05

My 2004 Optra had transmission problems at <40,000 km due to failure of the rad. GM initially refused to cover under warranty. Not recommended.

25th Sep 2008, 14:46

I have owned my 2004 Optra since November of 2007. Since I have owned it, these are the issues I have had.

- My radio locked up had to have it reset

- My back brakes went rusted and the brake pad fell off

- My transmission shifts poorly when going to a faster speed

- Antifreeze leaking from the thermostat

- Antifreeze leak from my rad

- Check engine light is constantly coming on and then turning off

- Had to have an exhaust sensor replaced

- Recall on the headlights

- 2 Cords snapped behind the dash that turns your dials for the heat and to change vents.

I would not recommend in purchasing an Optra ever, and I bought this from a dealership, yet the dealership won't cover any of it.

1st Nov 2008, 19:59

Hi I am in Malaysia, Optra 1.6 owner, Daewo engine, fully CBU, no problem at all.

Been using it for 3 yrs and 5 months without any hassle and bustle, except the Yokohama tyres produced in the Philippines were not effective while braking and... bang it went into the front car bumper, which I had to compensate the owner, and the Daewoo air condioning compressor failed to function after 3 yrs heavy usage (mind you Malaysia is a tropical country), otherwise my Chevy Optra 1.6 automatic transmission is great, and thumbs up at cornering.

Happy motoring.

Abd Rahman bin Abdullah

Ipoh Hospital, Malaysia.

8th Dec 2008, 00:45

It has been about one year now that I have had my Chevrolet Optra 5. In that year I have had to replace the all 4 tires 2 times. When it came time for my safety inspection this is what the dealership told me that needed to be fixed: Both lower control-arm bushings, and two new tires yet again. All of the repairs would have cost over $1,000.00. I took the car to Canadian Tire for a second opinion. They told me I needed new rear brakes, three tires, a ball joint, and a new belt. All of the repairs cost me about $975.00, just so I could drive the car for another year. Stay away from this car!

25th Dec 2008, 04:06

I have a 2004 Optra and am the first owner.. We had to get one headlight replaced and the front brake caliper, but the cost was reasonable and the car runs fine and for the money I think it's good value...

28th Dec 2008, 07:21

Just wondering. I own a 2004 Chev Optra. Last night the lights on the car started to dim and then the engine started to smoke. All the lights on the dash lit, up starting with the brake light... which I thought was the problem... Managed to get the car into the driveway where it decided to die. Does not even turn over now... Has anyone else had this problem, or even better, does anyone know what this sounds like it could be?

6th Jan 2009, 12:33

Hey! I own a 2004 Chevrolet Optra Sedan.

I LOVE this car... I drive the heck out of it... To and from Ottawa (I live in Toronto... Canada) that's about 400 km's and I do that probably about every 2 weeks or so... I also take it up to the family cottage.. that's a 600 km drive...

The small problems I have had with it are a few oil leaks and a burnt out headlight... Also the belts on that car seem to wear out like crazy! I just had my serpentine belt replaced and a month later they said it was wearing already... I put synthetic oil in my car... I would recommend doing that yourself... Much MUCH better for your car.

Other than that, it's done me well... Only noise I notice is when I hit 80km/h and cruise at that speed at 2000rpms, it makes a small noise in the engine...

Anyways, I have had WAY less problems with this car than I did with my Toyota Echo (also know as: Vitz, Platz, Yaris)... But also, to be fair I did drive the bejesus out of that car too... I still have my Optra... So I hope it will continue to be just as good as it is now! I'd like to keep it for another 2 or 3 years =).

22nd Feb 2009, 05:02

I love my Optra!!! I am very happy, it's such a great car ;)

7th Apr 2009, 09:52

2006 Chevy Optra 5... hmmm... where do I begin.

Cute little car, 5 speed; however, within the first six months of owning it the alternator went (it was bought brand new), good thing I had roadside assistance on that one!!

Shortly thereafter, it was recalled for headlights and seatbelts - not a big deal... at least GM is on top of that.

Not too long after that, had a major oil leak, my Optra back in the shop again - HUGE bill... good thing warranty covered it!

Engine light continually comes on and I just had the fluids replaced, etc.

The manufacturer's tires are terrible and will have to be replaced this year. This car has 36,000 km on it.

Overall, the car is economical, but I don't find it to be too reliable. Now I know why they don't make them anymore...


11th Apr 2009, 21:08

I own a 04 Optra. I love it. Just did front brakes, other than that an excellent car. It gives the room I need, the handling I want and it is a sporty car for a guy in his mid 30's. The cars design is simple; engine pieces are easy to find and access for the home mechanics. Only down side is the Optra is not found on a lot of websites.