16th May 2011, 19:50

Original poster here...

150k miles.

Still on the OE rear brakes and rear struts. Driver's interior door latch broke, swapped with one from rear door.

Oh yeah... the 5-speed gearbox let go at 150k miles! Not too happy about this! Upon some research, it appears Toyota has some problems with their C56, C59 and C60 manual transmissions. This is a MAJOR deal breaker for me. Probably no more Toyotas for us!

This car will probably be replaced with a new (2012-on) Ford C-platform car (Focus, aka Mazda 3 and Volvo C, V,S50) in the next 6-18 months, or whenever the $2200 replacement gearbox lets go.

Akio Toyoda... I'm NOT a satisfied customer!

25th Jun 2020, 02:14

OP here. It's been a while since my last update. It's also been a while since I sold this car.

I bought a new Corolla in 2015, when I sold this car. The only unresolved problem was the vapor canister vent solenoid was throwing a CEL, which I didn't feel like replacing.

So I put a used transmission in it at 150k miles... and drove the (blank) out of this car until 240k miles! FYI... It was actually a Borg Warner gearbox, the transmission shop told me, not a Toyota gearbox noted above.

What else happened to the car between 150k and 240k miles? Not much! I had to throw another set of front brake pads on it around 160k miles and changed the OE rear shoes at 230k miles. The interior driver's door release handle broke & had to be replaced. I put camber bolts at all 4 corners around 180k miles (Corolla's have no factory camber adjustment) to keep treadwear even. Replaced the timing chain tensioner around 220k miles due to oil leak. That's about it!

BTY, I called this car my little money maker! Since most every mile from about 95k was business mileage (at about 50 cents per mile) I netted around $60k just driving this car!

When I sold it; It was still getting about 40 MPG on the highway, the engine and transmission had no leaks, A/C was blowing cold with no servicing (ever), OE water pump was still working, never had to change a motor mount (talk to someone with a Ford Focus or Mazda 3 about motor mounts!), the OE serpentine belt tensioner and rollers were still working trouble free, the power steering was trouble-free, all control arm bushings & ball joints were good, etc.

Bottom line: This was just one well made, simple, and reliable car.