1990 Chevrolet S-10 Tahoe Pickup 4.3 V6 from North America


A very dependable little truck, for work or transportation.


I bought it with a refurbished engine (same as the original that this truck came with) and rebuilt transmission, the engine had about 75,000 at the time, the body 135,000.

The starter failed at 140,000.

Had to replace a window, as it was smashed by vandals one night.

New brake pads at 147,000.

The transmission occasionally has trouble up-shifting from 2nd to 3rd, but with added pressure to the gas (not a lot), it shifts. I have read that this was a common problem with a lot of old GM automatic transmissions, but it doesn't bother me.

The paint finish is worn and will need to be redone as soon as I get the money.

Everything else is routine maintenance.

General Comments:

Wow, I really like this little truck, for a large V6, I'm amazed that I can go 350 miles before I have to refill the tank.

This truck has held up too many of the pressures that a full-size faces often. I've loaded the bed with heavy lumber to a near breaking point for many compact trucks, and it handled the load surprisingly well.

It's a short-bed, but that's OK because I don't need a long-bed.

This truck is surprisingly fast, it's a 4.3 liter fuel-injected V6 mated to a four-speed automatic with overdrive in a relatively lightweight truck (weighs about 4200 or even a bit less). It may not be a frighteningly fast accelerator at first, but once it hits overdrive you lose track of your speed pretty easily, as it takes off and you do not feel the speed (65 feels like 40, for example).

I wish it was an extended cab with jump seats because seating space is very limited.

This truck will be going upstate in January, as me and a friend of mine are planning a road trip within New York State.

I am planning to fix this truck up to the way it used to be (or at least close to it), with a fresh paint finish, window tinting, and probably a cap so that friend of mine and I can keep our stuff in the bed when we go on our trip, with protection against theft and the elements. I am also getting a sound system and nice rims eventually.

I really want to hold on to this truck until the day it stops running, and when it does, I'll put a new engine in and keep it running for generations to come.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2002