17th Jan 2005, 19:05

To the both of the ss owners. If you have a real ss s-10 respect it and show it lots of love. My ss is a 94,and to be honest I wouldn't take any car in the world for it. It has been the best drivin longest lasting and fastest truck I have ever owned. It stays in a garage, but that's what a super sport is made for.

18th Jan 2005, 13:54

Re the above comment: a super sport was made for staying in a garage?

Why bother even putting an engine in it if that is the case?

If it stays in a garage, no wonder it's "longest lasting"...

4th May 2005, 18:10

I have had a true, not an impostor, SS for 3 years now. It is a 97. The only problem I have encountered with it is the fuel pump went out around 60,000 miles. It has 76,000 miles on it now and has no problems. I guess one just has to know how to take care of a truck and not abuse it.

30th Dec 2006, 04:30

I had this model of S-10 and even with frequent wrenching in the driveway and lots of preventive maintenance, I always had something breaking -- even the windows couldn't always be counted to roll back up reliably when below freezing. I dumped it at about 85,000.

The vehicle was replaced with a 1997 Toyota Pick Up which now has 324,000 on it. Other than oil and brakes, I've only had to replace the starter (at 245,000 miles).

The only advantage the Chevy *EVER* had over the Toyota was the starter was only $25 vs. $160 for the same Toyota part.

I wish Detroit would get it together, but after 20 years of Fords, Dodges and Chevys, I've given up and finally bought reliability.

17th Sep 2007, 20:06

SS or no SS, the interior parts (save for a few emblems) are identical to all the other S-10s on the road, same with the electrical, the exterior plastics, and every other accessory in the engine bay. And, the SS engine was in fact the SAME engine used in ALL Chevy Blazers and Astrovans in their respective years. So any problems associated with ANY other S-10 made from 94 to 97 apply to the SS.

Now I'm not dissing the S-10 SS, but except for the suspension and engine differences between it and an LS, there is nothing rare about the vehicle except its production numbers.

That said, any given vehicle going down the production line is going to have its share of problems, and knowing first hand (I have a 98 V-6 LS S-10 with 160,000 miles) what goes wrong with these cars (and I am meticulous with maintenance), I can see the problems are real with this vehicle. Those of you who have not had any of these problems are blessed, and just keep it in the back of your mind that they could come into play down the road.