16th May 2006, 09:31

I own 2..a 2001 3 door sport side with the 4.3L and a 1988 blazer 4x4 with the 2.8.

The 88 is my beater and I have yet to do anything to it that can kill it including dumping it in a 15' ditch.. dragged er out and drove hoem... gets great mileage about 500 miles to the tank. 267000 miles on it and counting.

The 2001 I use when I need to tow or carry something tall that don't fit in the Blazer,56,000 miles on it, and the only thing I do is gas it up, and basic maint.

These are not toys, but tools and I use them pretty mercilessly, they are taken care of, but I do NOT baby them.

Too bad its done, but I will look to the Colorado / canyon for the next time.

All around a great machine.

12th Jul 2006, 15:46

I have a 2001 Chevy S-10 P/U, V6,4.3L, 5sp. 26,000 miles and am having a real problem with my gas mileage. It is a great little p/u, but the town driving mileage is for the birds. Our highway isn't real great about 26 to 30 mpg, but town driving is like 22mpg. I know with this engine as it is we should be getting more than that. We have tried to open up the air intake so it gets more air to it and that hasn't helped either. We have redone the exhaust system and that hasn't done anything to great either. So if anyone out there knows how to improve the gas mileage on this vehicle please let me know. Thanks for any help.

14th Sep 2006, 09:24

I have a 2003 S 10, and it has just begun having problems. Lately when I am sitting at a light, or in traffic, anytime I idle, the RPM gauge goes up and down, and eventually dies.

I was told to replace the fuel filter -- it helped, but did not fix the problem. Also when it is revving and dropping, the oil pressure gauge goes up and down, and the lights in the dash fade in and out... anyone have any suggestions?

Oh and it has 79000 miles...

8th Dec 2006, 19:18

Actually 26-30 mpg on the highway is pretty good for a 4.3L.

10th Apr 2009, 00:26

OK guys, a little need to know, if you are having problems with the gas gage jumping up and down or not accurate. It is the FUEL SENDING UNIT. Some are located in the gas tank on the fuel pump, and they say some are not. I'm not sure all. I know in a 99 they are on the pump in the gas tank.

I just bought a 2001 S-10 ZR2 4x4, Awesome truck.

16th Jan 2010, 02:23

Bought my 2001 S10 LS, 2.2, Manual, new. I now have 80K miles. It has averaged 24.2 MPG over its life of a mix of highway and city driving. The problems I have had:

1. Third door handle broke - I made a new metal one to replace crap plastic one.

2. Repainted the grill because the factory finish faded in a blotchy pattern and looked like hell.

3. Had a flat tire.

4. Replaced battery.

5. Replaced plugs and wires when it started running a little rough, runs like new now.

I drive the little truck actually trying to make it last. I don't slam on the brakes, hot rod the engine, pop the clutch, smoke the corners, or any of the stuff I used to do to tear up cars when I was a kid. I wore out a set of tires on my new '70 Roadrunner (440 magnum) in 5K miles and had the whole car just about tore up in 75K. It took an ungodly beating, I'm surprised it lasted that long.

I'm sorry for you folks that have had bad luck with your S10, but for me, this truck has been super reliable and dirt cheap - drive and forget. Parts are easy, so I figure it'll last at least 10 more years.

17th Feb 2012, 18:51

Wow, all the comments above justify my hatred of my, now gone to the junkyard, 2001 S10.

I replaced 2 fuel pumps... (I could count on replacing the fuel pump every 40K)...

Also, had to replace the flywheel at about 90K.

Well, enough said, I was relieved when this lemon's motor crapped out at 129K.

Do NOT buy a 2001 S10... Actually, don't even take one for free!