26th Apr 2009, 15:18

Just bought a used one in Jan with 89,000 miles.

Check engine light came on after less than two thousand miles. Took it to the dealer who replaced the thermostat at the tune of two fifty. Average shop price for this repair. 40 miles later it went on again. Shop says it is the oxygen sensor and will replace it for around the same thing. So the cost of this truck for one month with payment is 800 dollars. Can't wait to see what next month will bring this single hard working woman trying to cut out a living like every other hard working citizen. Should have kept my Nissan 4x4 that I gave to my son.

Would not recommend this truck unless you've got a lot of money and time to sit at the dealership. Not worth the looks.

11th Dec 2009, 10:14

My Chevy S-10 ZR2 looked great, but I did have problems with the third door handle twice. The 4WD had problems several times, but overall she was a looker. Got about $2000 more on trade-in than I expected. Seriously thought about going back to dealer and buying it back.

16th Dec 2009, 17:09

I put a lot of stock in the comments I see on this site from obviously car-savvy people. I'm a car enthusiast and have lots of experience with Ford Rangers (I've owned 4) and friend's Tacomas, but I really have ZERO experience with the S-10. I just sold my newer car (I've been out of work, but am starting a new job tomorrow) and I'm looking for a small truck to drive to work and haul stuff when the need arises.

I've looked at Rangers with over 300,000 miles, and several S-10's and GMC Sonomas (same thing) with 160,000 to 298,000 miles. I like the styling of the S-10 and early (mid-80's) Tacomas. I haven't been able to find an old Tacoma, but I've found a number of S-10's. Are these trucks basically reliable, and which engine is best?

I'm looking at a 4 for economy, but the Vortec 4.3 V-6 is very impressive in performance. I'd appreciate some OBJECTIVE, experience-based feedback. I know the Rangers are rock-solid, but I really want something different and prettier. I may fix it up.