1980 Chevrolet Scottsdale K10 250 inline 6 from North America


Some of the best trucks for the money


I had to replace the transmission (3 on the tree), HOWEVER this was due to misuse and not the manufacturer.

Replaced bad (original) shocks.

General Comments:

Very cheap on gas for a full size 4x4. Gets up to 20 MPG, averaging about 17-18.

Rust is an issue, so I had to replace the fenders, but this is expected for something so old.

Runs very good. Always starts and has never left me on the side of the road; even when the transmission went out (my fault), it got me home.

Fixing it is very easy. Simple engineering makes repairs quick and painless. Everything is easy to get to and not overcomplicated.

Overall, I think it makes a great cheap truck. Does everything any other truck will do, but the initial cost was super low ($500) and with new fenders, transmission, shocks, maintenance, and accessories, my total investment is still under $1000.

Pretty decent on gas with the 6 cylinder. Not a race car, but it is pretty peppy and gets the job done.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2015

19th Jul 2015, 03:52

The 250 I-6 was enhanced this year, with dual exhaust manifolds and a staged 2-Bbl carburetor, good for a power boost from 110 HP to 130 HP. The downside is that the carburetor, like many of its era, by necessity of aggressive fuel economy and emission regulations, was quite complex. Dirt/wear took a big toll on its ability to consistently meter fuel accurately. The result was increasingly irritating drivability issues - cold stalling, major hesitation when trying to accelerate quickly, etc. Other than that, a solid truck :)

1980 Chevrolet Scottsdale 10 5.0L 305 V8 from North America


Best darn truck on the road..


The old truck doesn't have much wrong with it that I know of.

When I bought the truck, the only thing that we had to do to it is replace the door panel, give it a tune up, and go.

General Comments:

I love this old truck. It is my first truck. I wouldn't trade it for a new car anytime.

With just a little bit of money, this truck would be in top shape. It just needs some TLC, which I plan to give it.

The engine has just a little tapping from one of the valves, but it still runs and drives like a charm.

The transmission is a little slow on certain mornings, but it's a 28 year old truck, she has the right to be slow when she wants. She can still peel the rubber off the tires when she wants to though.

The interior is a little rough, but a couple of bucket seats and she'll look better than she does.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2008

12th Apr 2008, 10:07

Hey, I have 1980 Chevy Scottsdale that someone give to me, and now everybody wants to buy it.

I never had one before, but to tell you the truth I'll never want another one (IS NOT FOR SALE)

16th Jan 2009, 19:32

I got an 80 Scottsdale that my daddy bought about 6 years ago, and we've put that truck through hell and it's come back swinging. We used it to haul a water tank around, and that 305 just kept on getting it. Now it's mine and it's changed completely inside and out, and I'd never trade it for any car, cause it's my first truck.

17th Apr 2010, 12:14

It's not a 28 years old Scottsdale. It's a 32 year old Scottsdale. It's a shortbed liner truck to my grandpa in Kentucky. And every now and then, the Scottsdale wouldn't start without pumping the gas pedal, and every time the engine dies, the motor will not start unless the gas pedal is pumped a few times. Thanks.

1980 Chevrolet Scottsdale K10 from North America


Good Old Beast


I bought the truck with rusted out exhaust and got new 3" dual glass packs installed.

Is rusted out on door and around the wheels which is expected with this old of a truck.

Replaced the starter.

Had to get rear u-joints replaced. Very expensive.

Drained axle fluid.

New rear brake rotors.

Had to replace the bright/dim switch on headlights.

General Comments:

This is definately a great truck that I love to drive and ride in. Although the gas mileage is dismal (10 mpg), I would not trade it for a newer truck. The carburetor makes it hard to start in the winter, but with a manual choke it is not too bad. The engine is completely original and runs like new, with plenty of pulling power.

The four-wheel drive makes this beast all the much better. I have pulled several people out of the muddy/snowy ditch without problem. I have never had problem with the linkage or locking hubs and love tearing around in it.

Rust is a major problem with these old Chevy's. If you don't want a truck with rust do not buy this vehicle. If you don't care what it looks like, this is the one. Using it for work is great, as it can haul whatever I want and I don't have to care about scratches. The cabin is good enough for a truck, but the electrical system is a negative.

Even though I have had my share of repairs on this truck, they have all been worth it. I am proud to own this Chevy and would get another. Hearing the 350 roar out the glass packs makes it all worth it.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2004